Intro to Sport Management Chapter 16

A film, DVD, or videotape of raw footage chosen by the organization to accompany a written news release; it is not a finished segment ready for broadcast
beat reporter
A writer or media personality from a local media outlet who is specifically assigned to cover a sport organization, its games, and its practices; also known as a beat writer
A personal web series featuring a series of chronological entries by an author
An advertisement that aims to encourage consumers to do something, such as buy a ticket to a sport event
All methods used by an organization to proactively deliver its key messages to a diverse universe of constituencies
community relations
Activities and programs that have the objective of having a positive impact on the community and thereby improving an organizations public image
conference calls
A method of communication that allows an arranged call by telephone or internet connection between multiple parties
crisis plan
A strategy for handling a crisis; it should include a system to notify key members of the organization as soon as a possible of a crisis situation and should identify roles and responsibilities for members of the organization
crisis team
A group of key organizational individuals who will be responsible for managing any crises
direct marketing
A method of communication that uses material sent directly to a specific target audience either via mail or email
electronic newsletters
A newsletter sent via email rather than by being printed and mailed to subscribers
government relations
Activities conducted to influence public officials toward a desired action; also known as lobbying
image ads
An advertisement created to reinforce an organizations brand imagery in the minds of the consumers
integrated marketing communications
The symbiosis of advertising, marketing. and public relations
internal communications
Communication with and to an organizations staff
inverted pyramid
A style of writing used for press releases, in which the most important facts are presented in the lead paragraph and then the remaining paragraphs are arranged in a descending order of importance.
key messages
The messages that an organization wants to convey to the media during an interview or press conference
media buyer
A person who purchases advertising for clients
media guide
An annual publication containing all of the information a reporter will need to know about an organization, including staff directories; biographies of all coaches, players, owners, and front office staff, and team and individual records and statistics
media lists
A list of members of the media, such as beat writers, editors, columnists, and news directors
media notes
A packet of information for the press containing all the statistical information and biographical information on the teams competing in a game, from both an individual and a team perspective
media planning
Choosing the correct medium in which to place advertising in an effort to reach the most people fitting the target audience’s demographic profile
media training
Education of players, coaches, athletic directors, and so forth about interview techniques, handling hostile interviewers, and shaping messages into sound bites
A device that allows multiple cameramen and radio reporters to plug into an audio feed without having to place too many microphones on the podium
new media industry
An industry that combines elements of computing, technology, telecommunications, and content to create products and services that can be used interactively by consumers and business users
news release
A written announcement sent to editors and reporters to let people know what an organization is doing and to stimulate stories about the organization
off the record comments
Remarks made to the media that are not meant to be published or broadcast
press conference
A formal invitation for the press to gather at a specific location to hear an announcement and ask questions concerning it
press release
A written announcement sent to editors and reporters to let people know what an organization is doing and to stimulate stories about the organization; also known as a news release
A fee paid monthly to an agency or individual to retain their services
A guess or answer to a hypothetical question or situation
Groups and individuals who have a direct or indirect interest in an organization
video news release
A preproduced video piece that is edited for broadcast and includes a written story summary or press release
web conferencing
The real-time exchange of audio, video, and text-based messages via the Internet
web site
A public relations outlet on the Internet that allows an organization to get its message out in an unfiltered manner and to interact with stakeholders
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