Intro to Hospitality Chapter 29

City clubs
establishments that are in urban areas and cater to the businessman or woman, provides dining services and occationally athletics
Club Managers Association of America, formed in 1920
Country clubs
hospitality establishments that provide elaborate social events, offer dining, pool, tennis and golf
Equity clubs
facilities owned by their memberships, are NON-PROFIT; oldest form of clubs
Which is the oldest form of club?
an equity club
Full membership
entitles a member to full uise of the club, all amenities during an hour of operation
regardles of type of club, each is made of members, who have applied for and been accepted into membership
Military clubs
cater to enlisted men and women and the noncommissioned officer; provides a social outlet, often involving golf
National Club Association
Proprietary clubs
those owned by a corportation, company, business, or individual; THEY ARE PROFIT-ORIENTED
a type of product that is intangible
Social membership
entitles a member to LIMITED USE of a country club, typically dining, pool, tennis, but EXCLUDES GOLF; reduced initiation fees and dues structure
Yacht club
establishments near or on the water, activities center around sailing and boating, dining also available
defined as a group of persons organized or united for social, literary, athletic, political, or other purposes
Why do people join clubs?
to engage and in social discourses and to surround themselves with others who have similar interests
Number of private clubs in the U.S.
over 14,000
How much does a typical club pay in property taxes?
over $150,000
Frank Vain
president of The McMahon Group
What does Frank Vain say is the biggest challenge?
the evolving golf marketplace that “has experienced a total reversal in market composition.” back in the 1920s, public golf was almost unheard of
Steve Graves
president of Creative Golf marketing
What is the reason for a different societal need and change in population demographics?
the influence of technology, ease of travel, and transient lifestyle produced by the corporate career ladder
What is one of the most disturbing national trends within the industry?
clubs resorting to the “path of least resistance” by drastically reducing initiation fees or completely waiving initiation fees to compete
What is one of the most important things a club manager needs to do?
stay aware of the consumer’s need and want continuum
What is one of the main reasons for problematic retention and recruitment?
the lack of use of the facilities
How many private clubs in the U.S. are country clubs?
What are the two types of memberships at a country club?
full-membership (full use of facilities)
social membership (limited use of facilities)
How many clubs in the U.S. are Yacht clubs?
4% of all clubs
Have military clubs always been owned by military personnel?
no; they used to but now they are required to be run by civilian firms
What is the biggest reason to join military clubs?
camaraderie and a place to share military experiences with other armed services members
Professional clubs
for people in the same profession for social and business interaction
Social clubs
concentrate on serving the social needs of members with similar socioeconomic backgrounds
Categories of city clubs
Which club is the #1 ranked among Americas 10,000 private clubs?
The Duquesne Club
What was the purpose of The Edgeworth Club?
to promote interaction and friendship among its members and their social enjoyment, and for the purpose of furnishing facilities for athletes and other sports, and the erection and maintainance of a building or buildings therafter
What is the difference between member expectations then and now?
members today want it faster and more casual
The Duquesne Club
founded as a “voluntary association” in 1873 and incorporated as “a club for social enjoyment”
What helps clubs improve member retention?
“Clubs within clubs” i.e. fly-fishing, wine, art, travel
Fraternal clubs
provide fraternal organizations with a central location for meetings, dining, and social activities
University clubs
reserved for the activities of faculty, alumni and guests
In order, what type of club is the largest employer?
#1 country clubs
#2 golf clubs
#3 city clubs
Two types of clubs
equity clubs and proprietary clubs
What is the most common form of ownership?
equity clubs
What is the largest difference between club and hospitality management?
clubs are looked at as being owned by members
NCA strives to
1) provide support and information in legal, governance & business concerns
2) help clubs strengthen their financial health
3) ensure recognition and advancement of club interests
4) assist clubs in complying with laws and regulations
How much does an average club spend within the state as a whole?
$1.2 million
How many employees do clubs hire?
What is the average club income?
$5.18 million
Country club example
Equinox and California
Yacht club example
Montauk and Rochester
Military club example
Bamberg and Port Benning
Social club example
Everglades club
Professional club example
Engineer club of St. Louis
City club example
How are managers governed?
by constitutions and bylaws

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