Intro to Chem for Health Sciences

Physical states of matter
Solid, liquid, gas
has mass and occupies volume
Size, color, temp.
2 categories of changes in properties
physical and chemical
Physical change of states
Does not alter the chem. makeup of the substance
melting, boiling, freezing, condensing
Chemical Change of states
Alters the chem. structure of a substance
ex. rust, combustion, fruit ripening
Pure Substance
uniform chemical composition
ex. water, sugar
Variable chem. composition
ex. sugar dissolved in water
simplest substance
ex H, O
Number of chemical elements identified
90 occur naturally
27 artificially made
17, poor conductors of heat and electricity, 11 are gases at rm temp.
1 liquid – BROMINE
90 metals, solid at rm temp, EXCEPT MERCURY (Hg), left side of periodic table
7, properties combo of metal + non-metal
ex. silicon – shiny (like metal)
– brittle (non-metal like)
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