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Foraging societies are typically comprised of 1,500 people.

9. True The purpose of building alliances with other social groups are to strengthen their ability to survive. 10. True Marriage is a social creation.

Short Answer: Please give a brief description for the following questions. ( 1 point each) The slash/burn. After the burn clear out the under growth a layer of ash is left which fertilizes the soil. 2. What is an Egalitarian society kinship? This appears to value social harmony more than wealth or status. What is the purpose of pigs among the horticulturalists? Sit all 3 purposes) (3 points) Food resource, ceremonial food, and for a person wealth 4.

Describe the meaning of “Culture”. Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts. What challenges do the Pastoralist deal with when herding their livestock? (3 They move by season, season is determined on the temperature, and then they would have to find water as well for when they move them on lower ground in dry season. 6.

Describe the difference between horticulturalists vs. industrialists Horticulturalist uses hand held tools only, their lifestyle is semi-centenary and they grow crops for a food resource.

Industrialist uses machines, their all a production of crops and the lifestyles is more on inventions. Most appropriate Adaptation. (2 points each) Control _C A. With increased control of the environment and increased density of settlement there is an increase in social organization. Density _A_ B. Some adaptation to the environment rely on stability while others rely on movement.

Mobility _B_ C. With increased control over the environment there is an increase in human settlement within an area. Complexity _D_ D. When social groups adapt to their environment and make changes to the environment they are increasing their control of the environment.

1. List 2 types of marriages as discussed in the David Haines textbook (2 points each). Endogamy Exogamy 2. List 4 types of post-marital residences as discussed in the David Haines textbook.

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