Intl Mktg Ch.14

A customer strategy:
includes building a prospect base.
Which of the following statements is NOT a characteristic of direct marketing?
Product benefits do not typically include delivery to customer’s door.
Which of the following statements about expatriate salespersons is FALSE?
Maintaining expatriate sales personnel is relatively inexpensive.
Which of the following is NOT considered a common type of direct marketing channel?
Product placement
A personal selling philosophy:
requires a commitment to the marketing concept and a willingness to adopt the role of problem solver or partner in helping customers.
A company with _________ is likely to hire __________ salespersons, adopting a standardized approach without regard to technology or the level of economic development in the target country.
an ethnocentric orientation, expatriate
Couponing is not as prevalent in __________, where saving face is important.
In the demonstration step of the presentation plan:
the prospect’s senses become involved.
A product strategy:
is used to position the product and communicate benefits that are relevant to the customer’s wants and needs.
Which one of the following statements about host-country national salespersons is FALSE?
A firm’s corporate sales executives tend to have more control over an operation that is dominated by host-country nationals.
Which one of the following statements about special forms of marketing communication is FALSE?
A traditional advertisement always leads to better recall than that a product placement in a television program.
In the approach step of the presentation plan:
the most crucial element is to completely understand the decision-making process and the roles of each participant, such as decision maker, influencer, ally, or blocker.
___________ refers to any paid customer or trade communication program of limited duration that adds tangible value to a product or brand.
Sales promotion
Polycentric companies selling in developed countries should opt for _______ to sell technologically sophisticated products; in less-developed countries. __________ should be used for products in which technology is a factor.
expatriates, host-country nationals
_________ is person-to-person communication between a company representative and a prospective buyer.
Personal selling
In the negotiation step of the presentation plan:
both the customer and the salesperson coming away from the presentation as winners is ensured.
In the servicing the sale step of the presentation plan:
an implementation process ( which may include delivery and installation) must be outlined and a customer service program established.
In the presentation step of the presentation plan:
the prospect’s needs are assessed and matched to the company’s products.
Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding third-country nationals and agents as salesperson?
Agents are more expensive and significantly less knowledgeable about the market and culture than full-time host-country national sales representatives.
Which of the following is NOT a factor that Kashani and Quelch say contributes to more headquarters involvement in the sales promotion effort?
Decreased occurrence of mergers and acquisitions in the retail industry
A presentation strategy:
includes six stages: approach, presentation, demonstration, negotiation, closing, and servicing the sale.
A relationship strategy:
provides a blueprint for creating the rapport and mutual trust.
_________ leads the world in the number of coupons issued, by a wide margin.
The United States
Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding the determination of localizing promotion?
In countries where retailing is more fragmented, there is more pressure to engage in promotional activities.
Fifty years ago, Kikkoman brand soy sauce was unknown in the United States. Yuzaburo Mogi, currently honorary CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, took part in a program that Kikkoman had started in American supermarkers. Mogi and his employees passed out free food seasoned with Kikkoman. This sales promotion was an example of ____________.
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