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In this essay, I will be discoursing the analysis of the informations collected in happening out the possibility of world telecasting programmes act uponing the perceptual experience of the young person on affairs environing them socially, looking at the series, “ maintaining up with the Kadashians ” and utilizing Ugandan young persons as a instance survey. As a method of roll uping informations, I chose interviews both as a 1 on one and as a big group interview. I will be discoursing the process of informations aggregation and informations analysis methods of the informations collected.

During informations analysis, I used the discourse analysis method chiefly because I used interviews and concentrate groups as the informations aggregation methods as it was enlightening to analyse the discourse of the interaction between the respondents and research worker.

Interviews as a method of roll uping informations

I chose interviews as the informations aggregation method because they are widely used in the qualitative methodological analysis for deriving an apprehension of peoples experience ( Evans, 2012 ) . They besides provide a agency for researching the points of position of the research topic, therefore, allowing the culturally esteemed position of world ( Miller and Glassner, 2011:133 ) .

However, qualitative interviews require a great trade of planning as the absence of a predesigned set and sequence of inquiries, the interviewer has to fix to believe beyond their pess during the interview. ( Mason, 2002:67 ) . In add-on, qualitative interviewing operates on the impression that cognition is constructed instead than directly forwardly excavated ( Mason, 2002:63 ) .

There are two signifiers of questioning I used, i.e. structured interviews and unstructured interviews. Structured interviews with open-ended inquiries elicit “ reliable histories of subjective experience ” ( Miller and Glassner, 2011:131 ) , demoing that interviews are really good for roll uping informations because they offer a research worker true histories for information analysis. However, extremist societal constructionists have argued that there is no cognition of a world “ out at that place ” in the societal universe, but instead that it can be obtained from an interview. This is because the interview is evidently and entirely an interaction between the interviewer and interview topic where both participants create and construct narrative versions of the societal universe ( Miler & A ; Glassner, 1997:99 cited in Silverman, 1997 ) .

Interviews concept non merely narrations about societal universe, but the primary issue is to bring forth informations that gives an reliable penetration into people ‘s experience, ( Miller & A ; Glassner, 1997 ; 100 cited in Silverman, 1997 ) .

My old assignment in which I described the methods of roll uping informations in researching and principle of the research subject, was interested in happening out the opportunities of imported scheduling content and how it can be used to develop new characters or ways of believing from the young person in Uganda. Such illustrations of imported scheduling are reality telecasting plans, which are aimed at shooting people in ‘real clip ‘ as they live out events in their lives, contrived or otherwise as they occur ( Nabi et al, 2003:304 cited in Beck, Hellmueller and Aeschbacher, 2012:2-5 ) .

During informations aggregation, I set up three countries of subjects to research. First, how these people made sense of world programmes and “ Keeping up with the Kardashians ” in peculiar. Second, how the respondents understood the subjects played out in the series and the thirdly, how they related it to their ain experiences. I set up several inquiries to be answered, in some state of affairss nevertheless, the respondents did non peculiarly like being asked many inquiries separately but could reply them in a group.

In this, several inquiries were asked during the interview runing from how they understood world telecasting down to their perceptual experience of the plan, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians ‘ . I found that to turn out my hypothesis, I had to inquire inquiries that were more likely to research the subjects and thoughts I already had about the programme. Not to enforce my thoughts on them, but to hold something of a argument where the respondents gave me their ain positions.

As such, I started with the large inquiries, interrupting them down into smaller inquiries where the smaller inquiries were supposed to acquire the relevant issues. I carried out three interviews with different misss and two male childs from Uganda. Even though the interview is chiefly about female perceptual experience on this content, the impulse to acquire a male point of position kicked in because of the male characters in the series where I became interested in hearing their positions on their portraiture. My chief standard therefore was any young person from Uganda. Luckily, I did acquire two Ugandan respondents populating in the UK, which made it interesting because they could compare and contrast what they had seen from their experience populating both in Uganda and in the UK.

Mason, ( 2002 ; 77 ) suggests that recordings be made as to the full and explicitly as one possibly can, the path by which the research worker came to the readings they are doing. In order to guarantee that I was non enforcing my ain readings therefore, I had to obtain ethical blessing and keep a codification of moralss before we could carry on the interviews. I mentioned it to the respondents that I would hold the interview recorded but that they would stay anon. which they agreed to. However, some of the respondents had jobs with the interview inquiring what was in it for them to derive and after I told them nil pecuniary was to be given, they opted out go forthing me with merely four respondents. I therefore gave them a signifier to subscribe and recorded the interview ( on the audio device in my phone, Samsung one ) .

Method of analysis

The method used in analysing the information collected is discourse analysis chiefly because I used interviews and concentrate groups as my informations aggregation methods, therefore analysing the discourse of the interaction between the respondents and myself.

Discourse can intend many things depending on different subjects. In cognitive psychological science, it focuses on the usage of mental books and schemes to do sense of narrations ( Potter, 1997 ; 145 ) . Discourse is a set of significances, metaphors, representations, Images and statements ( Evans, 2012 ) . Discourse Analysis emphasizes the production of the different versions of the universe, society, events and interior psychological universes in discourse ( Potter, 1997 ; 146 ) . During research, I needed to happen out how the young person in Uganda perceived programmes such as “ Keeping up with the Kardashians ” . This sort of informations analysis can merely be done in the field and non in a research lab ( Evans 2012 ) . Talking to these people and happening out from them what and how they genuinely feel.

Harmonizing to a talk conducted by Doctor Evans, discourse analysis has three attacks viz. conversation analysis, interpretative repertories and the Foucaldian discourse,

An interpretative attack, non merely sees people as primary informations beginnings, but besides seeks their perceptual experience instead than enforce an “ foreigner position ” ( Mason, 2002 ; 56 ) . Mason ( 2002 ; 56 ) adds that it besides supports a survey, which uses interview methods where the purpose is to research single and corporate apprehensions, concluding procedures, and societal norms.

Conversation analysis on the other manus purposes at analyzing methods for bring forthing orderly and societal interaction ( Silverman, 2001:167, cited in Mason, 2002 ; 57 ) particularly through of course happening talk. Foucaldian discourse.

Discourse analysis emphasizes the function of linguistic communication in the building of societal world ( Talja, 1999 ) where Michele Foucault says linguistic communication produces knowledge through making things such as making significance. Language is besides produced socially and every bit good leads to action ( Travers, 2001 ; 84 ) . I would hold to understand in analysing my informations how these people make sense of the information they receive from these programmes and what worlds they therefore concept. How they understand themselves in this universe and how it all makes sense.

Harmonizing to Harvey Sacks ( Travers, 2001 ; 84 ) , linguistic communication is a cardinal portion in the methods used for understanding things around us and exposing their significance. He believed that one can develop a truly scientific attack to analyzing society through analyzing tape recordings of conversations.

Datas Analysis

During informations analysis, I described generalised positions of the respondents sing the inquiries given to them. This is because they were a group of people and I could non give all transcripts of the interviews. The dianoetic object is the household life portraiture in the programme where the respondents by and large agreed that the household members are concerted, back uping and lovingness of each other. Family is a precedence where they ever try to pass clip with each other through forming trips and events.

Sing how they made readings of world telecasting, the respondents said they knew it was staged but still allowed them see the characters ‘ day-to-day lives. How I would construe this that the respondents like the programme because it is appealing, and nevertheless much it is staged, they still watch it. For them, it is merely another amusement programme on telecasting.

However, the belief that what the respondents were watching goes on in the characters ‘ lives meant they did non cognize much about world telecasting, which relates to the hypothesis that world telecasting programmes can be perceived in ways that could hold certain attitude altering effects on the young person.

My following inquiries were on how they made sense of the subjects portrayed in this plan. When asked about the characters single functions, the respondents agreed that the females were the more dominant parties in the household with one respondent traveling farther to state that culturally, ‘ adult females are meant to be followings of the work forces, non the other manner unit of ammunition ‘ .

Majority of the respondents said that the mother/wife attempts so difficult to be at that place for everybody, which for the respondents is what a good female parent should make but that nevertheless, she frequently exceeded her bounds. Two respondents said that she was ruling and mercenary as she at times seems to set money devising before her kids ‘s demands such as when she urged Kimberley Kardashian to present for man-about-town.

The respondents hence seem to associate what they view on programmes such as ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians ‘ with their cognition of what household should be from a cultural context. They are besides able to associate to their experiences. Some expressed strong positions on the portraiture of household life in the series, saying that the females were the dominant characters giving the feeling that adult females had to hold control over non merely housekeeping personal businesss, but besides their personal relationships. In line with the province of personal businesss in characters ‘ place state, the respondents saw this as a agency of distributing female authorization. However, with the male characters seen as “ easy ” , as by and large agreed by the respondents, it distorted the cultural values they held.

Last, on whether such imported scheduling could be responsible for a alteration in the attitudes of the young person ‘s refering how they view their society, the respondents agreed it would be a long clip before it happened. This is because, “ it did n’t do sense in existent life ” and that “ it existed on a different degree to that back place ” . However, that was true for how household life is portrayed and that on an single degree, the scheduling held some power in “ doing ‘society ‘ want to be like them through the apparels they wore ” which was all right because it “ encouraged females to work harder. ”

Strengths and failings of the discourse method

Discourse Analysis emphasizes they manner versions of the universe, society, events and interior psychological universes are produced in discourse ( Potter, 1997 ; 147 cited in Silverman, 1997 ) through systematising the different ways of speaking, doing the positions and get downing points on the footing of which cognition and significances are produced, seeable in a peculiar historical minute ( Talja, 1999 ) .

Discourse Analysis pays attending to the manner in which discourses green goods and transform societal world, doing it possible to measure the practical effects of different ways of nearing a peculiar phenomenon ( Talja, 1999 ) .

On the other manus, Discourse analysis is much a trade accomplishment because it generates interpretative claims with respect to the power effects of a discourse on groups of people, without claims of generalizability to other contexts ( Cheek, 1997 cited in Powers ) .

Wetherell & A ; Potter ( 1988 ) , argue that discourse analysts are more interested in the regularities of linguistic communication usage such as the possible sorts of descriptions and histories of a subject. What kinds of ratings these descriptions are based on every bit good as how different manners of accounting concept different versions of the subject or bring forth different sorts of truths, and what these versions accomplish instead than the procedures taking topographic point either in persons ‘ heads or in world.


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Appendix 1

M96 Research in CCM Rehema Nakalema

Informed Consent


I confirm that I have read and understand the information sheet for the above survey and hold had the chance to inquire inquiries.

Please initial box

I understand that my engagement is voluntary and that I am free to retreat at any clip, without giving ground.

I agree that my informations gathered in this survey may be stored ( after it has been anonymised ) in a specializer information Centre and may be used for future research

Please tick box

Yes No

I agree to the interview / focal point group / audience being sounds recorded

I agree to the interview / focal point group /consultation being recorded

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