Internship Report

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The university executive department, together with lecturers and teaching assistants from all departments has always supported the student to not only thoroughly understand theories in class, but also facilitate the creation of real working environment. During the training period in the workplace, students can get experiences and be familiar with the realistic work.

Also, it is a good time for them to put the knowledge studied at university into practice. With the recommendation from the F-cult of International Studies-Hanoi University, have a chance to practice English, and apply all the theories, especially those related to the international relations subject which I have been taught at the university in working at the National Boundary Commission.

I have spent 5 weeks as an intern at the commission, from January 21st 2014 to March 10th 2014 with the helps from the chairman as well as all the staffs of the National Boundary Commission. In the internship period, I have gained the basic knowledge about the establishment, development, and the organizational structure of the internship organization. In addition, have collected some information needed to complete my internship report.

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