Internet Marketing Test 3

Buying cycle
process a customer goes through in deciding to make a purchase.
Content marketing
creating and distributing content across the web first that users find valuable and relevant, driving visitors to the website.
Demand generation
entire process of developing customer demand for a product or service.
Hard lead
highly qualified sales lead.
Inbound marketing
creating visibility on the Internet that brings visitors to the website/blog.
customer request for information that identifies the person or firm as a potential purchaser
KPI (key performance indicator)
a metric that has been identified as an important measure or benchmark of business performance
Landing page
a web page designed to receive visitors who are coming to the site as a result of a link from another site.
Lead distribution
dividing leads into categories based on their purchase readiness stage.
Lead generation
identifying sales prospects.
Lead qualification
determining whether a prospect has the characteristics necessary to make a purchase.
Microsite (or minisite)
a collection of web pages, often created for a particular subject or for a temporary period of time that has a URL different from that of the parent site.
Permission marketing
marketing to customers who have given explicit permission to be contacted.
a way of describing different groups of customers by giving them a unique personality.
QR (quick response) code
a scanable matrix that links to a location on the web.
essentially a story about how a customer goes about purchasing a product.
Soft lead
sales lead that meets few if any of the qualification criteria.
the three basic marketing strategies
Acquisition, conversion, and retention and customer value growth
Best strategy for B2B
generating high quality leads

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