Internet Marketing Test #1

Goals of Internet Marketing
customer acquisition, Customer conversion, customer retention and customer value growth
Internet History
in 1957 DARPA was created a a defense in the cold war
Web 2.0
Services not packaged, unique data, user co-developers, and collective and geolocation.
Web 3.0
real time, semantic, open communication, mobile and geolocation.
Cloud Computing
use of a remote network to store
example Salesforce
Strategic Drivers
one-to-one, creates greatest value, size/distance doesn’t matter, speed & flexibility, people are the key assets, growth in network, cost patterns change, consumer pattern change, consumers have power info, info, econ is characterized by choice/abundance
Value chain
seamless, end-to-end integration of activities throughout the channel of distribution.
Core Marketing Process
supply chain management, product development and management, customer relationship management.
RFID; radio frequency ID
ID code, ID system, internet directory and language
Software As A Service; allows different computer systems to communicate with one another with the expensive software and systems integrations required EDI and ERP
Electronic Data Interchange
Enterprise Resource Planning
Business Model
Main thing is money; core value proposition, sources and methods of revenue generation, cost of revenue generation and planned growth trajectory.
4 I’s of Marketing
interactive, information driven, immediate, involving.
objective of direct response offer
call to action, generate sale leads
CLV; customer lifetime value
to determine where to spend their money
A/B split
Presenting one offer, creative execution and so fourth or prospect another version of the same offer. seeing what works best for the business
data mining
previously undetected info. used to mark unexpected data, uncovered previously
direct response offer
acquire new customers, convert them to customers, create loyalty
Hierarchy of interactive strategies
Triangle from the top to bottom: customization, personalization, transaction, interaction and information
marketing database
customer relation know-ledge resource that to some extent can compensate for the churn of human resources in many contemporary firms
using keywords; development of webpages, friendly to spiders, paid search google ads
Types of internet searches
direct listing, search engine marketing,
Organic search
Keywords, meta name, algorithm and title tag
meta tag
HTML code
Flash page
branding page before the home page of a web site,

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