Internet Connectivity

To access the Internet through the PSTN, what kind of connectivity device must you use?
You are traveling throughout North America to many metropolitan and rural areas. Which single form of Internet connectivity provides the greatest potential connectivity wherever you travel?
Which of the following is a characteristic of SDSL?
Supports data traffic only (no voice)
Which two of the following describes the channels and data transfer rates used for ISDN BRI?
One D channel operating at 16 Kbps.
Two B channels operating at 64 Kbps each.
A healthcare organization provides mobile clinics throughout the world. Which network technology should you select to transfer patient statistical data to a central database via the Internet to ensure network connectivity for any clinic located anywhere in the world, even remote areas?
Which of the following Internet connection technologies requires that the location be within a limited distance of the telephone company central office?
Which of the following are characteristics of VDSL?
Unequal download and upload speeds.
Supports both data and voice at the same time.
Which of the following is most susceptible to interference related to atmospheric conditions?
Which of the following services are available regardless of whether the telephone company network is available?
Cable Modem
Which WAN connection types uses digital communications over POTS?
What is the maximum data rate of an ISDN BRI line?
128 Kbps
Which of the following Internet services provides equal upload and download bandwidth?
Which three of the following are characteristics of ISDN?
It provides enough bandwidth to transmit data at much higher speeds than standard modems and analog lines.
It lets you transmit voice, video, and data over the same lines.
It is a dial-up service that uses existing copper wires for the local loop.
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