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Key Arguments: Why do people have attachment Insecurity and dissociation with their lives to make them choose to be disorganized, and allow a fantasy world to take over resulting In problematic Internet abuse. * How Information and communication technologies changing our way of interacting with reality. * What are the psychological symptoms involving disturbed relationships with technologies emerging, how some are more affected than others. How different forms of related dependence behaviours, such as an addiction to social networking, cybersex, nline gambling, or web-based role-playing games are affecting our need to be on the internet. * How some games reward “achievements” and “goals” making the cyber game goals more Important of that than reality goals. * Does social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other forms of cyber communication have detrimental effects related to internet addiction. Internet Gambling, maln reasons for Internet addiction, however not Just costing their health but Impacting finances and crippling family relationships. Critical Analysis Article 1: Reference (2) Researchers have begun to examine the personal and social consequences associated with excessive online involvement. The present study examined college students’ problematic Internet use (PILI) behaviors Its specific aim was to investigate the links between PIU with both internalizing (depression, social anxiety) and externalizing (substance use and other risky behaviors) problems.

Article 2: Reference (4) There are many psychological factors surrounding the present Issue of Internet addiction, using evidence such as Social Networking Sites (SNS)e. g. , facebook , twitter tc, Massive Multiplayer Online games and Internet Gambling as my three key topics. The aim is to provide a clear and concise method about how individuals who physical, social and psychological life.

Article 3: Reference (5) There is an increasing need for the provision of both internet addiction prevention and care for any sufferers, psychologist should be weary of the dangers of internet abuse when youth present with anti-social, aggressive behaviours. Socialization in girls may be warped towards online contact and the user may benefit from providing alternatives. The aim is to focus on internet-related addictive behaviours and how to include the use of suitable diagnostic tools, a detailed personal interview, a mental health status examination and information regarding the overt behaviours gathered by the surroundings.

I want to engage the reader to believe that internet addiction is a real mental health issue, that effects youth all the way to late adolescent, whether it be an addiction though games, gambling, social media etc, there is evidence to say that individuals influenced by this addiction are not progressing in life, because xcess use of a cyber world has become a major part of their lives or taken over their lives. Structure: – Evidence addiction in Video Games (Kuss, Daria J; Griffiths, Mark D.

Studies): Main conclusions stemming from this source – Psychological Evidence to Addiction (Griffiths, M Study ; Gencer, S L ; Koc, M Study): Main conclusions stemming from this source – Evidence addiction to Social Networking Systems (Kittinger, R. , Correia, C J. , ; Irons J G Article): Main conclusions stemming from this source References Bozkurt, H; Coskun, M; Ayaydin, H; Adak, l; Zoroglu, S S (2013). Prevalence and patterns of psychiatric disorders in referred adolescents with Internet addiction.

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