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To begin with, the internet is considered as cheaper and easier method of conversations which will be valuable for people to keep in touch together. In present days almost on every people has internet access in order to search some kind information or chatting with others. Because of positive impacts of the technology development, such as 36, wi-fl or satellite connection, now Internet available almost everywhere on the Earth. Every day the number of people who has registered on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram become increase.

Due to such social sites people can converse with each other frequently. Now distance will not be barrier for conversation among the people. Therefore the Internet will make unbreakable relationship among the people all over the world On the other hand, the Internet has some drawbacks which have negative impacts on society. Because of the wide dissemination of the online communication, some social skills as face-to-face communication become rarely using among the people.

Nowadays, people prefer stay at home and chat with other n front of computer screen rather than face-to-face conversation on the outdoor. In the near future virtual relationships will substitute real relationships, which will adversely Influence on social life. Because people can not represent their senses, loves or mutual understanding for each other through the Internet By way of conclusion, I affirm my position that the Internet has had a positive Impact on modern life, because of Its Influence on communlcatlo Please, check my work and give your own opinions about It…

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