Internet 10453

Thematic Essay Theme: Science and Technology

Yossi Alpern

Period 3

Science and technology are perhaps the two greatest factors affecting our lifestyle in modern society. From electronics to antibiotics, most people living in the world today could not picture an existence where these innumerous amenities were not available.

It is not as if these niceties were suddenly created all at one time, but hundreds of years of experience and discovery slowly fabricated what we have today. We owe what we have in the present to the suffering and anguish of people from the past. When observing the great conditions which we live in it is important to understand the critical role that science and technology have played in altering the course of human history.

A great technological advancement, which has altered the course of human history, is the development of a computer network known as the Internet. The Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate, do business and overall plan their lives. The current time period is sometimes referred to as The Information Age, and when you look at the Internet, it is no wonder why. The Internet is flourishing with information, to the extent that people often get caught up just sorting through the many options which are at their disposal. People have unlimited data at their fingertips, and many don’t even know what to do with it. The Internet has also changed the way people send and receive mail, store documents, and transfer currency.

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