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Apple is a global leader in IT technology.

Its innovative product, iPod, is one of the best mp players proposing benefits for wide target audience. International expansion will help apple to obtain strong market position and sustain strong growth. In order to penetrate into European market research should be made. The research should be based on primary and secondary data analysis. The preliminary results show that Europe proposes great opportunities for the company and can be valued as potential market for this type of product.

The strategy includes the determination of the basic long-term goals concerns the conceptualization of coherent and attainable strategic objectives. Marketing plan includes the main aspect of market penetration and market analysis. The research suggests that the real value of strategic planning may be more in the future orientation of the planning process itself than in any resulting written strategic plan. The research also includes analysis of the financial data. The internationalization of firms is happening at an ever growing pace.

In the past 20 years, firms have distorted their direction from domestic to international; they have shifted from multi domestic marketing to international marketing. The appearance of international and international market has been enthused by the speedy enlargement and mixing of countries; the configuration of local trading blocs; the formation of market economies; and advances in manufacture and communications technologies. Today, international marketing is proving to be of ever-increasing importance to companies of all sizes, to their customers, and to national economies.Worldwide, most companies are now selling to, using materials or equipment from, or competing with products from other nations. For many companies, like Apple Corporation, European market provides additional profits and is all that enable some companies to make any profits at all (Fill, 1999). European consumers are familiar with Apple brand and its well-known iPod.

National and regional economic health and growth have become increasingly dependent upon export sales as an engine of growth and as a source of the foreign exchange necessary for the import of the goods and services.Statement of Purpose and Business Identification Statement of Purpose Mission The mission of the company is to penetrate European market and maintain stable market position in this region. The mission has made it clear that European market is in the relatively unexploited sector that the company sees its clear¬est opportunity for innovation and penetration. Goals The main goal of the company is to get and keep a European customer.Also, it is aimed to achieve competitive advantage and sustainable competitive creating value for their customers, select markets where they can excel and present a moving target to their competitors by continually improving their position. Three of the most important factors are innovation, quality and inventory reduction.

The Purpose Be in one of the most highly rated companies for stability and success, the company offers a unique product, iPod, to everyone who wants an excellent product. It is advantage is that iPod can meet the requirement of wide audience.The high quality of the product is the main criterion. The purpose is to provide customers with high quality products at reasonable price using successful management techniques and new ways of effective marketing from both ethic and financial perspectives. Business Identification High-technology market is marked by increasing capital markets activity over the past 5 years. It is estimated that average annual returns are anticipated to exceed 13 percent over the next 10 years, with investment alternatives performing at single digit growth rates (approximately 7 percent to 9 percent).

This approach is based on Apple iPod superior understanding of the problem solved by the product, the benefits it offers and issues it addresses. As consumers become more concerned about price, mobility and quality Apple iPod is the best choice for this target group. Apple iPod not only allows this group to save time, but it helps to reduce spending different tapes and CDs (Mossberg 2006). Free and low price downloads is another factor of success.

The software is free, with the costs covered through advertising revenue.Companies have been reported to earn US$400,000 per month from advertising. During the 20 minutes or so of download time, the user is subjected to many pop-up advertising windows. In addition, users’ personal details may be used for marketing purposes (any users who have not read the terms and conditions may be unaware of this). Apart from the advertising and the requirement to pay royalties to the copyright owner, there are other potential problems.

For example, any file that is downloaded may contain a computer virus or worm.Because of the operation of the P2P system, only the owner of an infected system can delete it and stop its circulation, not Kazaa. In order to share music with other users, the software creates a shared folder where all files can be uploaded or downloaded. The setting can be changed so that no one can obtain files from your computer, but on the default the settings can be changed by another user in such a way that your entire computer’s files can be shared with everyone.In a test by HP Laboratories, a dummy file called ‘credit-cards. xls’ was added and the computer left online for 24 hours.

“The iPod has 75. 6% of the market and iTunes 88% in the US and number 1 most other places. They’ve achieved that through a combination of a ‘best of breed’ design (for the iPod) and a large selection of music on iTunes, that is about as comprehensive as it gets for legal downloads (still nowhere near online music nirvana though) “(Apple’s iPod Success, 2006).

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