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In the context of the Internet in international marketing channels, technically, e-commerce is a form of ………. selling.
Which of the following statements is true regarding agent middlemen?
They work on commission and arrange for sales in the foreign country
The distribution channel process includes all activities, beginning with the manufacturer and ending with the ……..
final consumer
………… has long been considered the most effective nontariff barrier to the Japanese market.
The Japanese distribution structure
Of all the elements of the marketing mix, decisions involving ……. are those most often affected by cultural differences among country markets.
Janet works for a media agency based in Japan. Janet is helping the IMC manager of Siljure, a French cosmetics company, with the design and language to be used in an upcoming promotional campaign in Japan. The IMC manager knows what to convey but wants to advertise it in a culturally relevant manner. Which step of the IMC process is Janet helping Siljure with?
Encoding of the message
Companies that rely on television infomercials and television shopping are restricted by the limitations placed on the ………. of television commercials permitted when their programs are classified as advertisements.
a length and number
The only way to avoid linguistic problems in advertising communication is by:
in-country testing with the target consumer group
Which of the following is true of advertising agencies for international advertising?
In-country testing with the target consumer group
In general, price decisions are viewed in two ways. Which of the following is one of them?
Pricing is an active instrument of accomplishing marketing objectives.
Since it encourages retailers to stock large assortments of a product, the practice of ………… distribution often creates a favorable condition for parallel importing.
In ………… pricing, the firm is concerned only with the marginal or incremental cost of producing goods to be sold in overseas markets.
One approach to defining the pricing policy of dumping is to say that it is a case where a product is sold in the international market:
at a price below the cost of production
The use of countertrade in international trade:
The use of countertrade in international trade:

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