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The goal of every organization lies in maximizing profits and increasing the value of shareholders. This task is very complicated, and requires joint efforts of many divisions of every company.

One of the most important factors which serve as the key to a company’s success is the correct choice of marketing strategies. Effective marketing policy provided by the management of the company can lead to outstanding results, while inefficient marketing policy can bring the company to bankruptcy. The correct choice of the marketing strategy is in many ways determined by the correct methods of marketing research which are being used by companies.Many authors, including Mercer (1992), Quinn (1995), argue that one of the building blocks of marketing research is listening to the customers and understanding his needs. They also state that marketing research is very important due to the uncertainty with which companies often meet, particularly in the rapidly changing environment in which organizations are destined to function.

The managers of companies need constant flow of information in order to be able to carry out marketing strategies. They can obtain information with the help of qualitative and quantitative methods, based on primary and secondary data.The choice of methods mainly depends on the kind of activities which companies deal with and particularly the external environment in which they function. There are many research methodologies from which companies can choose, including: sampling of large accessible populations and application of statistical analysis to interpret the results; surveys of targeted populations with written questionnaires; polling of targeted populations; written survey questionnaires to smaller groups; standardized interviews with focus groups; individual interviews with experts or elite designated persons; and many others.However, more and more companies nowadays focus on questionnaires when providing marketing research. The paper describes the major approaches to running a questionnaire-based survey in UK and China in order to get information about the ways people spent their pastime in those countries and the level of satisfaction which they obtain from those activities.

In order to give a full analysis of all of the techniques used, at first the description of general research methods used in marketing are given and advantages of questionnaire are marked.The paper also provides a deep research of differences between interests of people in China and UK in order to explain the differences between types of questions which will be offered to people in those countries. Finally, the author marks potential sources of bias which will be noticed when finally getting answers to the questions in the two countries. Cultural differences between UK and China. The marketing research of leisure preferences in UK and China can be very useful for many organizations. Industry which deals with leisure services has reached a very high level of development in the recent years.

People enjoy attending cinemas, festivals, all kinds of shows, exhibitions, Zoos, parks, sports stadiums and many other places. This industry can be very profitable for investors if they invest their money into correct objects. In order to make a decision about the field of leisure industry in which the organization will function, it is important to carry out marketing research. It can be very helpful. First, it can be applied by companies which organize leisure activities in the UK and are looking to expand their market to the East.In order to obtain all of the information about the differences between customers in two countries, it is very helpful for them to apply different methods of marketing research.

Second, some investors might be seeking opportunities to open some leisure spots in the international market, and choose the UK and China for that purpose. The analysis of leisure preferences in UK and China requires the correct choice of research methods. The task of gathering such information is very challenging because the two countries which need to be examined are very different culture vice.UK is a typical European country which has many values and interests common for all of the Europeans. At the same time, there is a difference between the culture of UK and culture of people living in Continental Europe which need to be taken into consideration. For example, there might be more hierarchy in the UK than in other countries; people are more interested in some kinds of sports than in other countries (like cricket and golf for example) and the theatre culture is also very unique in the UK.

The large number of theatres which are available for most of the citizens in the country make theatre an important part of the country’s culture. There is hardly any other country in the world which can boast of the same large number of theatres. It is also important to pay attention to the restaurant tradition in the UK where pubs are a part of the national culture. They are not only places where people can eat- they have their own unique atmosphere which keeps attracting more and more people to them. Cricket is also a uniquely British game which many people play and want to devote very much time to.

Another famous pastime is tennis because the UK is home to the top tennis tournament- Wimbledon. Football is also a popular part of leisure in the UK. “Football is a classic example whereby the notion of rational recreation transformed a traditional rural leisure activity. Football was codified with the ideological objective of engendering the principles of obedience to given rules, discipline, hygienic living, teamwork, masculinity, and a projection of a national identity. ” (The development of leisure in Britain after 1850.

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