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Since the 9-11 tragedy in America, business has been going up down. There were a lot of questions and issues that shake the stability of the world’s equity market.

Slowly companies are trying to rise up from this dilemma. HSBC is one organization that provides banking and financial services that is doing its best to make up for all the losses and is giving a promising return to its consumers. They might not be the largest company but they have been awarded a couple of excellence award because of their great customer relation and promising return of investments.HSBC has now what a strategic plan they named “Managing for Growth”.

This is their blue print for growth and development. This focuses on the stock market rating and total shareholder return (‘TSR’) and corporate social responsibility (‘CSR’). [2006] In order that this vision is fulfilled, HSBC needs a marketing strategy that would aid them. The communication plan aims to reinforce HSBC’s reputation and guarantee the public that they have the stability and control over their customer groups. That HSBC have credibility and honesty. (2006)HSBC is striving to secure their position and marketing strategy would focus on giving emphasis on their delivery platforms, their technology, their stock market rating and total shareholder return (‘TSR’), highlighting their growing e-commerce capability and wide range of financial services that includes personal financial services; commercial banking; corporate, investment banking and markets; private banking; and other activities.

(2006) The target market would be the working group in the urban area who are 20 years old and above.The middle class and upper class who could afford the services provided by HSBC and has the capacity to pay. Advertisements play a major role in the success of one company as they help in creating public awareness. They could make or break a company thus it is important a positive image of the company be portrayed to the public. The media that would be use to create public awareness and to promote the bank would be newspaper and magazine advertisement, billboards, pamphlet or brochures and online and mobile advertisements.Assessing one program’s effectiveness is crucial to its success.

Evaluations of the advertisements and marketing strategy could guide the company if there adjustments are needed. Evaluation of the trend of existing customers would be one way of checking if objectives are being met. This could be on the form of surveys and questionnaires that will be mailed to them regarding how they foresee the services being provided.Computer-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and Media Efficiency Ratio (MER) are two of the evaluation program that would be uses to assess the effectivity of the proposed marketing strategy. (Swanson, 2005) I. HSBC One of the largest banking and financial services organization in the world is HSBC.

Its main headquarter is located in London but its international network is consist of over 9,500 offices in 76 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.HSBC has share holdings by almost 200,000 shareholders in 100 countries and territories and the most active are listings from London, Hong Kong, New York, Paris and Bermuda stock exchanges. Shares are transacted in the form of American Depositary Receipts at the New York Stock Exchange. HSBC has a growing e-commerce capability and have a wide range of financial services that includes personal financial services; commercial banking; corporate, investment banking and markets; private banking; and other activities.

(2006)HSBC was voted for the fourth time as the “Global Bank of the Year” last September 2005. Last November 27, 2003, HSBC had an investor day where they commence a strategic plan entitled “Managing for Growth”, which aims at providing HSBC blueprint for growth and development during the period to 2008. This plan focuses on maximizing HSBC’s strength and correcting areas where further improvements are necessary. Management aims HSBC to be the world’s leading company providing financial services in terms of customer satisfaction, retention of customers and admired by most.

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