International Marketing chapter 14

Sales promotion
any paid, short-term communication program that adds tangible value to a product or brand.
Consumer sales promotions
may be designed to make consumers aware of a new product , to stimulate nonusers to sample an existing product or to increase overall consumer demand.
Trade sales promotion
are designed to increase product availability in distribution channels.
gives prospective customers a chance to try a product or service at no cost.
a certificate that entitles the bearer to a price reduction or other value-enhancing consideration when purchasing a product or service.
facet-to-face communication between a prospective buyer and a company representative.
Strategic/Consultative selling model
developing a personal selling philosophy, a relationship strategy, product strategy, customer strategy and presentation strategy.
Steps for the Presentation plan
approach, presentation, demonstration, negotiation, close and servicing the sale.
employees who are sent from their respective home countries to work abroad
Direct marketing
a measurable system that uses one or more media to start or complete a sale.
One-to-one marketing
an updated approach to direct marketing that calls for treating each customer in a distinct way based on one’s purchase history or past interactions with the company.
Direct marketing tools?
Direct mail, catalogs, infomercials, teleshopping and interactive television.
Sponsorships and product placement are?
vital communication tools that can be used on a global basis.
a form of marketing communication that involves payment fee by a company to have its name associated with a particular event, team or athletic association.
Product placement
involves a company paying a feee to have one or more products and brand names appear in popular television, programs, movies and other types of performances.

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