International Marketing Ch. 16 Integrated Marketing Communications and International Advertising

What compromises the integrated marketing communications (IMC)?
advertising, sales promotions, personal selling, direct selling, public relations
What are the major components in the marketing communications mix?
Advertising and Personal Selling
What are sales promotions?
Marketing activities that stimulate consumer purchases
Sales promotions are ________-_______ ____________ to achieve specific objective or ___________ _______________.
short term efforts; immediate purchases
Product sampling is an effective _____________________ __________ when the product is new or has a small market share.
promotional tool
What is international public relations?
Creating good relationships to help companies communicate messages to their publics.
International public relations consists of:
1) encouraging the press to cover positive stories about companies, 2) managing unfavorable rumors, stories, and events
Global mass media advertising is a powerful tool for ____________ ______________.
cultural change
The basic international advertising framework is the ________ wherever employed.
Steps involved in developing an international advertisement campaign:
1) research, 2) specify goals, 3) develop effective messages, 4) select effective media, 5) budget, 6) execute campaign, 7) evaluate
Which step of developing an international advertisement campaign is the most daunting for marketers?
Step 3: developing effective messages
What is a market offering?
A bundle of satisfactions the buyer receives, or other benefits imputed by the value and customs of the culture
Pan- European communications media cause companies to choose more _______________________ ___________________ efforts.
standardized promotional
Differences in culture in markets require for standardized products to be marketed with a different ___________________ ___________.
advertising appeal
Challenges when creating a message:
1) global advertising and communications process, 2) legal constraints, 3) linguistic limitations, 4) cultural diversity, 5) media limitations, 6) production and cost limitations
Communications Process:
1) source, 2) encoding, 3) channel, 4) decoding, 5) receiver, 6) feedback, 7) noise
Language is one of the major barriers to ________________ _______________.
effective communication
A company can avoid linguistic problems by ____-____________ ____________.
in-market testing
Tactical considerations for linguistic limitations:
newspapers, magazines, radio and television, satellite and cable tv
Tactical considerations for linguistic limitations:
direct mail, internet, social media, mobile apps, other media

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