International Marketing at JCU>>Integrated Marketing Communications and Advertising

imc involves the coordination of
-advertising, sales promotions, trade shows, personal selling and direct selling and public relations
-to produce a coherent and convincing message directed at consumers and customers
What is the idea behind integrated marketing communicatins
achieve synergies between the elements of the mix
-elements should be mutually reinforcing
-synergies can reduce costs for a given impact level
-OBJECTIVE- profitable sale of a product or service
major components
advertising (btc) and personal selling (b2b)
segmentation is mainly on a-
-economic basis
Major problem for international advertisers
designing best messages
-availability of advertising media varies substantially around the world
features and benefits
-diff cultures usually agree on the principle features and benefits of the primary function of the product or service….
-other features and psychological attributes can have significant differences—requies a diff marketing approach and strategy
IMC elements-sales promotions///Short term efforts
-achieve consumer product trial and or immediate purchase
-introduce the consumer to the store
-encourage stores to stock the product
-support and augment advertising and personal sales efforts
IMC elements-public relations
-creating good relationships with the press and other media
—help companies communicate messages to customers, the general public, and gov regulators
-Ex timex data link having journalists write about the watch
-building an international profile

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