International marketing: A traditional term paper on a selected topic of interest

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The following is the marketing plan for Ceramica Dishware Corporation which is going to be selling pottery, ceramic and earthenware products to the target market which has been identified as anyone who is interested in pottery and wants t buy it.

The main objectives of the company pertain to the corporation as well as the target markets have been identified. The business is going to be financed by a combination of capital investment and loans taken out form a bank. The marketing strategy of the company focuses in in==on increased visibility of its products.The company aims to do this by establishing its name as a brand in though exhibitions at galleries and display booths at fairs and trade show which will be supported by the website and the print media advertising. The keys to success are identified as the unique and cutting edge design, outstanding customer service, attention to detail as well as the high degree of professionalism of the staff and the business II.

Goals and Objectives of the International Business Activity The marketing strategy for the Ceramica Dishware Inc.would be to be visible at the regional and international crafts and affairs, while simultaneously developing a catalogue of portfolios. The company will also focus on developing a website devoted to the business which would help in petting placement of orders as well as for marketing the products and services. The third strategy that will be taken up by the company would pertain to getting the products of the company into galleries and art stores. The mission of Ceramica Dishware would be to design and construct the finest quality of pottery and ceramic ware for miscellaneous uses.

The designs that are going to be characteristic of the company would be innovative in nature while being built along the needs of the customers and clients. The corporate objectives of the company pertain to: Establishing the Cermaica Dishware lines of products as a well known brand in the international market in the 5 years following commencement of operations Establish pottery and dishware as a form of which can be applied to everyday life for the customers. Be profitable in the industry with an imminent leadership in the 10 years following the commencement of operations.The marketing objectives that were identified as per this marketing plan are as follows” Grow the total sales for the company by 10 percent Establish and develop on customer loyalty though innovative designs, high quality products while using a customer oriented approach. Increase the customer base for the company by 15 percent for every fiscal year the company is in operations Strive to generate demand that exceeds the supply of the ceramic earthenware, pottery and dishware products The financial objectives of the business are to Increase the returns on investment by approximately 3 percent every yearDecrease the costs by improving on efficiency by 5 percent every year.

III. Market Segments, Target Market Segments, Market Potential, Goals and Objectives for each Target Market Segment Target Market The target market of the company would basically be including people who want to buy pottery. There would however be two segments existing in the target market. These would pertain to People who want to buy pottery as gifts for other people: This segment will be looking for items which are unique, and which sol stand out to the products available in the market.

People who want to buy pottery for them selves. This segment will be having people who would be buying pottery for themselves are are more likely to opt for a custom made pieces. They would be expecting a higher degree of personalization as well as uniqueness in the design. The characteristics of the target market are as follows: Geographic The target market would be form around the globe as the operations of the business are going to be international in nature. Any one with internet access with the desire of buying pottery will be included in the target market

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