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As a student of international finance and business, I am very concerned about the world around me. Every day actions taken by the United Nations impact global trade, currency exchange rates and the world economy and I would like to witness them directly. As an intern with U. N. , I believe I could garner a better understanding of the forces that impact those decisions and the weight of the concerns of individual nation-states against the weight of an international economy.

My background in finances as well as my experience living in the United States and in Thailand make me uniquely qualified to be an asset to the organization even as an intern. I am in the process of completing my doctorate in finance and have completed some doctoral level coursework in finance. In addition, I have master’s degree in business administration which I believe will serve me well in interpreting the international financial concerns facing the United Nations each day.

Another advantage I will have over other applicants for the internship is a familiarity with New York City. I attended college in New York in 2005 and joined the New York Stock Exchange in 2006. These

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qualities make me an outstanding candidate for our internship program. I have a strong grasp on international finance and believe that with your help, I could make it even stronger. In addition, I believe that an internship at the United Nations will help me to foster relationships that will be invaluable once I have completed my education.

I firmly believe that if the money brokers of the world are to fully understand the importance of their actions on the daily lives of citizens around the world, they must be exposed to a wide variety of cultures and value systems. An internship at the United Nations would give me a better grasp of those things and make me a better citizen of the world. I look forward to the challenges and rewards it could provide for me.

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