International Business and Child Labor

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Nowadays, the world of business is developing and getting advanced at a very faster rate.

It is now possible for a company in United States to sell its products in any part of the world, such as, Africa, Asia, Australia, etc. During this mode of international development, we will try to comprehend and discuss the term of international development. We will try to relate the definitions and understanding related to the international business that has been given by different and various NGOs, media, and thousands of investors around the world.We will also try to examine their every day activities and communications and their utilization of the term of international development in their decision-making processes and other operations of the company. In this regard, we will also try to relate and link developing countries with the developed countries, as products and services are manufactured by these developing countries with the existence of children in the labor sector of the international business world. Therefore, we will examine if there is anything happening for the support and strength of this field around the world.

In this way, we will also go through a list of challenges that have to overcome by the international development and fulfill the needs and demands of the developing countries in a mutual and sustainable manner, as all these factors are interrelated with each other in the processes of international business. In this part, we will briefly summarize the findings and information that were acquired after the accomplishment of the study, which was related with the international development of the business sector around the world with its relation of child labor.A common and coherent understanding of international development, as well as, existence of child labor lacks in some of the multinational companies, NGOs, and corporations that are engaged in this concept. One of the reasons of this lacking is that a wide range of terminology and approaches are invoked by the international development, and therefore, everybody cannot understand and interpretate the exact meaning and understanding of the concept. (Mitchell, pp. 26-33)Secondly, translation of this concept has not been done in every language, and therefore, it is quite difficult to understand any language, which is not a native language of the marketplace.

Therefore, it has been seen that sometimes terminology, and sometimes philosophy are approached for defining the concept of child labor in the international development. In emerging markets, the role of private sector as the central one was agreed by all the respondents during the study, despite all the differences and distinct definitions of the child labor, as well as, its impact on the development of international business.However, this role was considered in both, good and bad cases during the business activities. Creation of jobs and development of local businesses were given the high priority and considered as the most effective factors for the involvement of children in various sectors of the international business, as discussed by NGOs, media, and multinational corporations around the world. It was noted that when the unique assets and competencies of a company are harnessed by some contributions of the business, they were considered as the most successful ones for the international development, and vice versa.It was also found out during the study that the role of the child labor was limited in the international development due to some trade policies of the developed countries.

In addition, developing countries were also bearing and going through some of the obstacles, such as, weak infrastructure, system, lacking in the business ethics, and corruption in their businesses. The role of every sector in the international development was provided with a fresh insight by the business people, journalists, media, and NGOs, who excluded their sector during these opinions.These people also gave suggestions for the better and effective role in the international development by these industry sectors. During the study, the respondents indicated that implementation of business ethics and exclusion of child labor was required for productive partnerships, which might be able to play a vital role in the international development.

It was also indicated that excellent development results could be yield by these productive partnerships. (Brady, pp. 71-75)In this regard, core assets, relevant expertise, and management attention were given the high priority, in order to get the excellent results in the international business. However, it was observed that child labor was not an issue for some of the organizations due to the cheap labor costs of the children. On the other hand, addressing of broader policy issues and collaboration with market-bases solutions were also encouraged and appreciated by the selected respondents during the study.

(Hill, pp. 44-46)

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