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For instance, it has been observed that in the international business, customers from the developed countries favor the imposition and implementation of child labor related policies during the business activities, and ban on child labor is preferred by them. On the other hand, lacking is observed in the infrastructure, as well as, government support regarding the child labor, which results in the ignorance of the abovementioned policies.

In addition, at some places, interference in the cultural norms and values, and lack of respect towards the culture is taken, when the consumers asks for the ban on child labor from the developed countries.This creates various conflicts and tensions in the international business. Thus, it is very necessary that developed countries should provide a clear and better understanding of the child labor regulations to the developing countries without providing any feeling of cultural interference by them. In this regard, it is very essential that regulatory authorities and consumers from the developed countries should consider the circumstances of the local environment, and propose a possible solution that may implement the ban of child labor during the business processes.In this regard, education has been considered as one of the major factors that affect the understanding of poor people, as well as, organizations and companies regarding the business ethics and especially, importance of child labor in the development and advancement of a society.

For instance, it is not essential that children may be ban totally from the working, which may not be accepted at all in a poor and developing environment. One of the reasons of non-acceptance is the deprived and pitiable of millions of people in the developing countries.In the result, they tend to send their children for work. Thus, if a company will try to impose a ban on child labor, children will be sent to any other location for the work.

Instead, a different and effective approach has been introduced by some of the major organizations in the world. In this respect, dangerous and unsafe employment is prohibited for the children, whereas, work of their level is provided, which can provide an earning to their families. For instance, various organizations have been established by the foreign companies in the developing countries, or near their suppliers.One of the major responsibilities of these organizations is the provision of education to the children, and at the same time, work like crafting, painting, and similar sort of employment is provided to them, which may not be hazardous for those children. In this way, the fundamentals of the child labor related policies are fulfilled and requirements of the poor people are accomplished, which has been considered as one of the effective approaches for the elimination and reduction of child labor in the international business. (Mitchell, pp.

50-55)On the other hand, a number of risks are confronted by the implementation of the abovementioned approach. Restructured working schedule and provision of education may benefit the children, however, regulatory authorities from the developed countries may not be understanding the significance of local traditions, and may impose allegations regarding the child labor on these organizations. Thus, the abovementioned is an effective approach that can be implemented in the international business, but, at the same time, it may results in a number of risks that may damage the image of a company in the international market.In the light of these researches, the ethical implementations and approaches are not shared by most of the organizations in the developed world, which may risks their image in the international market.

However, ban on child labor is always supported by these organizations, and utilization of child labor is disallowed by them. At the same time, unknowingly nature regarding the utilization of children during the manufacturing and processing of goods is expressed by some companies, which may be violating the policies related to the child labor in the international business.One of the major difficulties of issues and conflicts related to the child labor is the consideration of a minimum age for the employment of children in the companies. One of the reasons is that different standards are practiced and have been implemented in different countries. Thus, at one place, a sixteen-year-old kid may not be falling under the category of child labor policies, however, at the same time; recruitment of this child may be a violation of the child labor related regulations. Therefore, it is quite difficult to integrate different standards of different countries related to a single term of child labor around the world.

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