Internal Marketing

Internal Marketing
employees are apart of the product, markets must ensure oployees are able and willing to deliver quality service, aimed at the ompoyees, employee satisifaction and customer satisfaction are one in the same
Internal Marketing Process
Establishment of a service culture, Developement of a mrketing approach to human resources resources management, Dissemeination of marketing info to employees, employee involvement in uniform selection
Establshment of a service culture
service culture, orgnizational culture, turning the organization chart upside down
Service culture
anoraganizational culture that supports customer sevice through policies, procedures, reward system, and action
Oraganizational culture
a pattern of shared alues and belifs that gives memebers of an organization meaning providedin them with the rules for behavior in the organization
Weak culture
maybe apart of serive
Turning the organizational chart upside down
service organzations should creat an organization that supports employyes that serve th ustomers
Non routine tansactions
Empower and train employees to handle non routine transactions
Development of a marketing approach to human resources management
create positions that attract good employees, hiring process must identify and results in hiring service oriented employees, use hiting procedures that identify thos employees who are team players , provide taining designed to share companys vision with the employee with product knowledge, provide continuous training programs make sure employess maaintain a positive attituse, reward and recognize customer service an satisfaction
Disseination of marketing information to employees
Customer contact employees employees should ear about rpmotions and new products from management, not frmo advertisments, Mamanegent must understand emplyeees re wathcin them for cues,

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