internal marketing quiz 3

traditional marketing
support function for sales
modern marketing
predicts future, establishes strategies to achieve inside and outside org.
internal marketing
sell the firm to employess
internal marketing objective
ensures motivated employees, attracts/keeps good employees
compete for talent
attacts best peopel to perform the service is key.
keep ppl on the job physically, not emotionally.
most admired companies by employees
communicate vision to employees with a passion.
employees work better when
they understand the value of their contribution
prepare people to perform
attract, develop, motivate and retain superior employees, offer knowledge on why then how, learning should be ongoing process
southwest airlines
the better its people are treated, the better they perform for customers
relationship marketing
securing and retraining trust and loyalty
needs to be maintained, not achieved
trust and loyalty services
dentist, hair stylist, auto shops
personal relationship trumps
existing customers are greater than
new customers
word of mouth
free advertising
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