internal anatomy of spinal cord and spinal nerve branches X

what does the central canal contain?a small amount of cerbrospinal fluid
lateral gray horn-visceral motor
-thoracic, upper lumber, and sacral regions
posterior gray hornsensory

anterior gray hornsomatic motor
functions of spinal cord1. conducts impulses
2. integrating reflexes
Relfex arcconduction pathway involving two or more neurons
Reflexion arc components1. receptor
2. sensory neuron
3. center
4. motor neuron
5. effector
example of receptorMeisners corpuscle
What is a relfex?fast response to some environmental change (external/internal)
Reflexes help main homeostasis with1. skeletal muscle contraction
2. heart rate
3. respiration
4. digestion
5. urination
6. defecation
7. lots more!
types of reflexes1. spinal reflex
2. somatic reflex
3. visceral autonomic reflex
What does visceral autonomic reflex result in?-activity change in smooth muscle, cardiac muscle and glands
What may somatic reflexes and visceral autonomic reflexes involve?the brain
gray matter-nerve processes
-nerve cell bodies
white matter-no nerve cell bodies
-nerve processes
dorsal rootsensory fibers
ventral rootmotor fibers
what is the meningeal branch made up out of?vertebrae, vertebral ligaments, meninges

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and blood vessels
dorsal ramus-mixed motor and sensory nerves
-skin and deep back muscles
spinal nervemixed
ventral ramusmixed
What are the rami communicantes and sympathetic chain ganglion associated with?-ANS
erector spinaedeep back muscle
ventral ramus innervate-muscles and structures of the upper and lower limbs
-the lateral and ventral trunk
-can form a plexus
rami communicantes location-off the ventral ramus
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