Intermolecular Forces

What are intermolecular forces?
Interactions that occur between different molecules?
What are the three intermolecular forces?
1. Dipole-dipole
2. Ion-dipole
3. London dispersion forces
Define dipole-dipole interactions.
When molecules with dipole moments attract each other electrostatically.
What is hydrogen bonding?
A strong dipole-dipole force. Occurs when the hydrogen of one molecule (bonded intramolecularly with the H donor) bonds with either nitrogen, fluorine, or oxygen in another molecule (H acceptor).
What are ion-dipole interactions?
When an ionic compound dissociates in water. Positive ions are attracted to negative ends of a polar molecule.
What are London dispersion forces?
Weak forces that exist between noble gases and nonpolar molecules. Occur when atoms develop temporary dipole moment due to asymmetrical electron distributions. This induces nearby molecules to have dipole moments (instantaneous dipole).
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