Interim I Review Natural Resources, Minerals, Rocks,

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What are the five characteristics of all minerals? "Never Sneeze In Denver Colorado"=naturally occurring, solid, inorganic, definite chemical composition, crystalline structure
How are minerals ranked? By the Mohs Hardness scale
What is the hardest and softest minerals? Diamond is the hardest known mineral and Talc is the softest
Which of the following minerals would not be best to use for building supplies: gypsum, feldspar, or talc? Talc-the softest mineral is used in powders and deodorants and the least resistant to being scratched so it's not durable or sturdy
Justify why all minerals are important. Minerals are used in many things such as foods, jewelry, clocks, and computers
What are some specific ways minerals are used in society? Gypsum is used for cement (construction), Quartz is used for glass/mirrors, Diamonds are use for jewelry and tools, Talc is used for powders and cosmetics, Graphite is used for pencil lead
What are the three types of rocks? metamorphic, sedimentary, igneous
What landform would surround an abundant amount of extrusive igneous rock? A volcano
What are the five processes, in order, for the formation of sedimentary rock? Weathering-Erosion-Deposition-Compaction-Cementation
How are metamorphic rocks formed? Heat and Pressure
What causes the forces that form metamorphic rock? The heat is from inside the Earth (the core) and the pressure is from the mass of the rocks lying on top of the other rocks
What does the rock cycle represent? The changes of one rock type to another type through a series of processes
What is a nonrenewable energy resource? A source that cannot be replaced as quickly as it is used.
What are the three types of fossil fuels? Coal, Oil (Petroleum), and Natural Gas
How does the high use of fossil fuels affect the earth's environment? Burning fossil fuels release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere contributing to the greenhouse effect that causes global warming
What is renewable energy? Energy that can be replaced and replenished or reused
What is the source from which the following energy resources come from: solar, hydroelectric, biomass, geothermal Solar-energy from the sun; Hydroelectric-energy from flowing water; Biomass-energy from organic material (wood); Geothermal-energy from inside the Earth
Define energy conservation. To save energy by keeping the supply of fossil fuels high, like oil or coal, available for the future (use less now, save for later)
Describe one way to conserve nonrenewable resources, like oil. Ride a bike instead of driving a vehicle because there is no need for oil
What energy resources does sunlight provide energy for? Wind power and Hydroelectricity (Water)
How does sunlight conserve energy in homes? Natural light from the sun prevents power outages from the overuse of electricity
What are some examples of alternative energy sources? Wind, Water, Nuclear power (NO fossil fuels)
What happens when chemicals are added to our natural resources, like our water supply? Pollution
What is the source of energy for solar panels and turbines? Solar panels are powered by the sun and turbines are powered by the wind (which is created by the uneven heating from the sun)
How do igneous rocks form? Magma or Lava (Molten Material) cools and hardens
What are the processes involved in creating sedimentary rocks? weathering, erosion, deposition, compaction and cementation
What conditions must exist for metamorphic rocks to form? Extreme heat and pressure
How are intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks different? Intrusive rocks form when magma cools below the surface slowly, with a coarse-grained texture and large crystalsExtrusive rocks form when lava cools above or on the surface quickly, with a fine-grained texture and small or no visible crystals
Which processes are involved int he rock cycle? Cooling/hardening of molten material, Weathering/Erosion of sediments, Compaction/Cementation of sediments, Melting (heat) and pressure of existing rock (there is no start or end)
What is an ore? A rock with an ECONOMICALLY useful mineral inside (used for profit)
Why are gemstones valuable? Gemstones come in beautiful colors and they are rare
How are minerals different from rocks? Rocks contain minerals
What are some of Earth's natural resources? Water, Trees, Oil, Soil
What are the problems with using fossil fuels? They can cause pollution
What are examples of renewable and nonrenewable resources? Renewable-solar, wind, water, geothermalNonrenewable-fossil fuels (oil, coal, natural gas), minerals, metals, rocks)

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