Interactions of materials word wall words

Materials, substances, chemicals and “stuff”
Scientists who investigate matter and the chemical interactions of matter
chemical interaction
A process resulting in at least one new material
physical interaction
A process that does not result in any new materials
physical change examples
Variations in temperature, texture, size or shape
A description of how a material interacts with other things, like your senses and measuring instruments.
A substance which changes color under certain conditions such as BTB
flame test
Observations gathered using glowing or burning splints as evidence of the presence of certain gases.
characteristic properties
Measurements (numbers) that are different for different kins of materials (specific to the material)
The mass of a standard unit of volume of a substance
The data collected by the researcher
chemical property
A description of how the material interacts chemically with another material like whether or not it is flammable.
A chemical property of materials testing its ability to combust.
An original substance in a chemical reaction
An end (or new) substanace in a chemical reaction
A chemical interaction
chemical involved in speeding up the rate of a reaction
carbon dioxide
Gas which does not support combustion and turns BTB yellow
Gas which does support combustion and has no effect on BTB
chemical equation
Shows the reactants and products involved in a reaction using chemical formulas
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