Intelligence and its relationship to success in life

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Intelligence In another way to define Is using the tests to measure IQ. These tests are the most accurate and effective to mental affects. However, they are not suitable for measuring creativity, personality, or temperament. There are many tests has be used to measure intelligence. G factor is one of the main factors has be measured. In the intelligence test, person may be called genius if his or her IQ over 140 points. Psychologists found out that people who are highly achieved in career performance place of academic years are doing worse than the career success people.

Why is this happening? This involves the success of intelligence. Intelligence is a success in life o achieve the main objectives of the intellectual, is in real life can really have a decisive impact on the intelligence. So successful intellectual focus more on performance in practice the ability, not Just the academic examination to see whether a high-performance. People can not Just empty talk, to Gonging to solve all sorts of specific issues, the need for the successful implementation of the guiding intelligence.

Some things do not sum up and learn from the mistakes committed still repeat offenders; some people did not innovation and improvement, the others go wrought the road with the success of this doomed out. Sternberg to the success of intelligence, including three aspects of intelligence, involving comparison, Judgment, thinking the assessment of the ability to find creative intelligence involved, to create, to imagine creative thinking and assumptions, such as the ability to practice involving the use of intelligence, the use of knowledge Capacity.

To sports as an example, to illustrate. Faced with an opponent before the first players to watch this game in the past, the performance of his analysis of the characteristics of advantage where, in an inferior position where. Thinking of what to learn, how to make use of its weaknesses, and so on. Secondly we want to develop their own characteristics, the technical innovation. Not only on the opponent’s strengths can withstand the most important thing is to crack down on the vulnerable, it is the role of the intellectual creativity of the field.

Established the practice of the content of the programmer, the next step will be put into practice, we expected the feasibility, we should practice to test. At the same time, the game can be flexible and mobile, using various tactics to win rivals, which are involved in the practice of intelligence. Therefore, only examination results to assess students, only that analysis of intelligence, creative intelligence and practical ignored intelligence is the biased.

The latest psychological research shows that: human intelligence has many talents, rather than the traditional sense of a single intelligence quotient, everyone has their own special talents. Traditional low-IQ people are not necessarily stupid, but in other areas of intelligence has his own strengths. This is a new multiple intelligence theory. In other words, each person’s intellectual characteristics as an asymmetric network, in one or three areas of the high-IQ, while in other areas, only the middle or lower ‘Q. Below this 10 different concept of intellectual talent, to be introduced.

Harvard psychologist Gardner in 1983 to the multiple intelligence theory. Harvard psychologist Gardner in 1983 to the multiple intelligence theory. He believes that the past is too narrow definition of intelligence, can not accurately reflect a person’s true ability. In his “intellectual framework” (Frames of Mind) made in this book, at least human intelligence can be vided into seven categories (later increased to eight): First, mathematical intelligence, experts believe that intelligence is an abstract mathematical thinking and the ability to draw logical conclusions.

Talented people with such things clearly, and the number of laws and the link between. For example, Einstein theory of relativity make people through space and time to understand the relationship between the revolutionary changes have taken place. Second, spatial intelligence, in this regard talented people to form, space and objects are visual awareness. Their dimensional image. 16th century Italian sculptor Michel Angelo This is a piece of marble used to create the perfect David as the statue. Third, language, it is intellectual capacity to handle text.

Be good at the rhetoric can more accurately express their thinking by the flu. They have great vocabulary. For example, the famous German poet Goatee’s words amounted to 90,000 words, while the period under different levels of education, the vocabulary is usually only between 2000-5000. 4, music intellectual musicians in the early years most of them were mound on the voice, rhythm, music talent. There are no natural than its earlier demonstrated. Like Mozart in the 5-year-old composer at the start. , the flexibility of physical intellectual movement also belong to intellectual factors, no one pantomime actors than dancers or more clever and variety to the use of their body. Charlie Chaplin in the silent movie fully demonstrated that he can. 6, natural intelligence refers to the sensitivity of nature and its products, is a natural understanding of the different types of mutual relations and the links between the ability. U. S. Intelligence is naturally the most influential development of psychologists and educators Gardner in 1995, the eighth of the intelligence.

Many successful forest protection, botanists, biologists, veterinarians, and the natural environment expert intelligence is very conspicuous. 7, understand the intellectual philosopher, writer and missionaries in most aspects of understanding with a distinctive savvy. They were in the world and raise questions about the nature and make their own answers. 8, intellectual communication in this regard talented people to know and understand other people’s motives and aspirations. Accordingly, they are better at monopolizing the strengths and play to others.

Good teachers, sales staff, almost all politicians extraordinary interpersonal communication intelligence. 9, introspective intellectual introspection intelligence is the ability of self-awareness. There were very few such intelligence, but its role often been underestimated. The success of writers, actors have such talent. Its manager, is essential. 10, Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence introspective intellectual, Communication Intelligence different, it is not only people can know their own and other people’s feelings, people can consciously control it, therefore, dangerous situation can also keep a clear head.

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