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Intel famous brand name is its strength, over the years Intel has produced many innovative products to help the environment and help mankind beginning from 1968 till 2007. Intel is producing new innovative processors as published in an article on EEtimes. com, Intel Corp. said Wednesday (March 28) that its 45-nanometer Penryn family of processors would be in production during the second half of 2007 (McGrath, D. 2007). Intel has a high market capitalization and it publicly trades on NASDAQ with the symbol INTC.

Intel Corporation has to look out for everything that threatens the company for example, the Pentium point flaw in 1994; ( Business Wire, 1994) furthermore Intel’s world ranking was dropped in 2007 by 10 places mainly due to strong completion by Intel’s archrival AMD. In addition to this Intel’s Share price was also affected by strong competition. The following is a graph of Intel’s share prices from 1985 till 2007. . http://finance. yahoo. com/q/bc? s=INTC&t=my&l=on&z=m&q=l&c= Accessed 19/05/07 Intel’s new CEO Otellini says that Intel has to move beyond microprocessors and that speed alone is no longer enough.

Instead, he wants to create “platforms” of microprocessors combining silicon and software that lead to new devices and technologies. (Edwards, C. 2006). Intel partnership with Apple Corporation will have a positive effect on Intel’s future. according to the press release by Apple Corporation on June 6, 2005-At its Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple(r) announced plans to deliver models of its Macintosh(r) computers using Intel(r) microprocessors by this time next year, and to transition all of its Macs to using Intel microprocessors by the end of 2007 (Apple Press Conference, 2005).

The world is going into a digital era and demand of technological equipments is increasing with time, Intel has to cope with the increasing demand to provide mankind with fast microprocessor, chips, RAMs etc.. and on the other hand be the first to introduce new technologies since its competitors are also on the same platform to beat Intel. For the External environment I will examine the PEST analysis of Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation was criticized by its competitors and has to face political crises over a period of time, Intel was taken to court to face justice but few of the lawsuits ever amounted to anything. Intel Corporation sold its XScale processors, on June 2006 according to an article in EEtimes. com Intel Corp. agreed to sell its communications and application processor units to Marvell Technology, a storage, communications and chip developer, for $600 million. The move was intended to permit Intel to focus its recourses on its core processors and server business.

Intel also participates in social attribution of the society in 1998 Intel became the official sponsor of the Science Talent Search held every year in USA, moreover Intel also focuses on conservation of natural environment according to Intel’s Policy manual 2004 it says we strive to conserve natural resources and reduce the environmental burden of waste generation and emissions to the air, water and land. Though continues improvement methodologies, we will work to achieve sustainable products and manufacturing products.

We will strive to be leaders in reducing, reusing and recycling. Intel’s tech program in Rajasthan India is an appraisable contribution to the society. Intel has produced improved innovative products over time. Infect Intel’s Ultimate goal as stated in a magazine article to provide the manufactures of everything from laptops and entertainment PCs to cell phones and hospital gear with complete packages of chips and software (Edwards, C. 2006). The environmental affects on Human Resources Planning, Recruitment and Selection.

Intel’s has 100,00 employees globally in 54 nations, and the number of employees is growing year by year as the uses of technologies dramatically increasing so as the demand in order to cope with the increasing demand Intel has to hire new talent to produce better innovative products, moreover the increasing competition by AMD. Moreover Intel has to find different medians to produce better innovative products, these threats from competitors; technological environmental factor influences Human Resource Management in Recruiting new employees.

Many of Intel’s new employees are not typical Intel hires. They include software developers, sociologists, ethnographers, even doctors to help develop products. In my opinion in this time of digital world, Intel has to change the way its produces its products, as it is said earlier Intel is hiring doctors, software developers, sociologist and various other talents people to collaborate with the exciting employees, this will lead to break-through innovations. Conclusion

In the years to come Intel is launching new innovation, beating its rival in the microprocessor market. Moreover Intel is making use of people from different backgrounds such as Doctors, software engineers to produce its products. Intel’s Human Resource Management has to find such talents around the globe to fulfill the demand of the digital world we are living in today. Finally I would like to say that Intel was the best in microprocessor market and hopefully it will remain the best.


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