Intel 312 flashcards

Sensitive compartmented information facility
The ideal candidate for intelligence…
Discrete, lowkey, non-flashy, measured individual. Does not seek fame or glory
Situational error
A momentary oversight or misjudgment that does not reflect a persons character
Resume review
Academic performance
General knowledge, skills, experiences
Looks at whole person
Langley VA
National clandestine service NCS
Engages in clandestine HUMINT collection
Covert action
Special activities in which the role of US government is not apparent or publicly acknowledged
Operations officer
Recruits and handles intel sources
Serves on front lines of intelligence collection
Staff operations officer
Manages operations officer
Collection management officer
Collects information from operations officer
Language officer
Has advanced foreign language skills. Supports field spy operations
Specialized skills officer
Has a unique paramilitary or technical skill
Paramilitary operations officer
A specialized skills officer with paramilitary skills
CIA global response staff
Armed guards employed to protect operations officer
Core collector/ case officer
Operations officer
Staff operations officer
CMO/ reports officer
Collection management officer
Specialized skills officer
Language officers
Paramilitary operations officer
Contract agents
CIA global response staff
Secret identity
Background story and documents that support the cover
NOC’s (Non-official cover)
Most covert HUMINT operatives
Dr. Richard Sorge
Greatest NOC of all time
Potential source
Remains on officers radar for possible future use
Provides background information or marginal use to the operation
Intelligence asset
Provides information without resorting to acts of espionage
Intelligence agent
Recruited by officers to conduct espionage on his/her behalf
Principle agent
An intelligence agent that manages entir network or other agents
A human agent who is recruited by an intelligence officer
Mediate between them and agency
Agent recruitment cycle (ARC)
The systematic method to finding agents who will meet national intelligence information needs
Individuals who are able to provide the deserved information or access those who can
Whether they have a) access to desired information b) suitability (motivations and vulnerabilities)
Of a relationship with potential agent to determine suitability
The moment of actual recruitment for espionage tasks
Training the agent, including missions tasking and briefing
Agent over to another handler
Burn notice
Asset turns call agency and mark them for burn
Physical surveillance
The systematic collection of information about the physical whereabouts of human targets
Covert surveillance
Is executed with the aim of preventing the principal target from spotting it
Overt surveillance
Is designed to intimidate the principal
Vehicular surveillance
Is conducted by several vehicles usually communicating with radios
Anti surveillance
Actions by the principle to evade perceived or identified surveillance
Counter surveillance
The use of people other than the principal to detect/ evade surveillance
Fixed progressive
Surveillance operation combining static and mobile points
Passive anti surveillance
Involves any routine tactical maneuvers to evade possible surveillance
Active anti surveillance
Aims to confirm a surveillance effort and expose its members
Surveillance detection route SDR
Prearranged maneuvers designed to flush out surveillance while seeming innocuous
Physical disguise
A practical anti surveillance tool based on altering ones appearance and/or demeanor
Dead drop
A place where you conceal things when needed
Jonna Mendez
27 year vet of CIA photo operations officer
Two lines
Time and place
Dead drop
Method of clandestine tradecraft used to exchange objects between operatives without direct meetings
Live drop
In person exchange
A.N.D principle
Abandon Normal Devices

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