Integration and Reflection Essay

Taking up this class. Health System Administration. had contributed a batch of cognition and information to me as a pupil who belongs to the wellness attention squad. At first. I found the class drilling and unattractive since it involves assorted issues and history of troublesome wellness attention bringing system of our state. However. after I have progressed from one faculty to another faculty. it started to drag my wonder and intense attending on the subjects being mentioned.

It started to do me cognizant of the facts and principles as to why the state is losing its clasp on the economic value of the wellness attention installations. It started to do me understand that by deriving cognition and by being cognizant. ways and agencies could be identified in order to get down a alteration within myself. I was profoundly thankful that I was able to take this class because of the cognition it instilled in me. It widened my range of apprehension of the assorted issues. particularly with the wellness attention installations. which are happening all throughout the state.

Exposure to the worlds of each American’s life enduring from the defects and incompatibilities of insurance systems was farther magnified in my head. This cognition made me believe critically on the solutions that the wellness attention bringing system might necessitate in order to somehow better its quality of supplying attention. In add-on. my accomplishments and abilities to believe for possible ways to better wellness attention bringing system. like the 10 regulations identified by IOM ( 2001 ) . were besides enhanced throughout the class.

As I was analyzing this class. I was able to hold on the fact that in order to further understand what is go oning in the wellness attention bringing system of the state. I need to look into foremost on the assorted leading manners. organisational constructions and assorted types of attention that are being utilized by each wellness attention installation. After I did the assorted faculties and learned from it. I realized that I still need a batch of betterments on assorted parts of the talk.

Working on the forces that greatly impact the health care bringing ( like the stakeholders and altering demographics ) was identified to be one of the critical subjects that were non to the full understood. I think I could hold performed better on it if I was able to make some more researches and existent interviews among the stakeholders that could hold been involved in join forcesing with wellness attention installations and infirmaries.

Another subject which I think confused me was the different types of leading manners and qualities that were utilized for the success of healthcare organisation. It is known for a fact that through great leading. advancement is certainly following to it. However. I find it hard to place what peculiar leading manner can be utilized in order to convey advancement and to convey equality to all patients and providers of the wellness attention bringing system.

A suggestion that I can believe of to do this topic clear on my head is by holding personal activities which could greatly affect leading manners and qualities. The leading quality within each individual must be enhanced and progressed to convey approximately positive impacts on the wellness attention system of the state. As I go through the talk notes and faculties that I have. I was able to gestate assorted ways that could mensurate the future effects of the cognition I learned from this talk.

I was able to place that with proper information airing and proper attachment to the wellness cognition being described. the wellness attention economic system can certainly see a lessening in the costs that infirmaries and insurance systems are being charged of. Besides. preventative wellness instruction will be farther explored and implemented among patients. giving greater importance than acute wellness attention because of the long term benefits that preventive steps of avoiding diseases will offer.

In drumhead. I can state that with the aid of this faculty I was able to reflect and incorporate the class constructs identified. Besides. I was able to research the impact that stakeholders and altering demographics have provided the health care bringing. In add-on. I was able to understand the significance and the parts that the twenty-first century health care organisation has on the wellness attention system. Assorted leading qualities and tendencies in wellness attention were farther explored. Besides. the impacts of patient safety and fiscal crises on infirmaries was so identified and defined.

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