Integrated Circuit Technology

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An integrated circuit Is a tiny complex of electronic components and their connections that are produced In or on a small slice of material. A MOSSES, (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Held Effect Transistor), Is the type of transistor used in modern computers. In the most basic form they are an amplifier. They typically have three pins – a source, a drain, and a gate. When there is voltage (not current) on the gate then the

MOSSES “turns on” and connects the drain to the source allowing current to flow through the transistor. The gate requires virtually no power to turn on and the source to drain connection is capable of switching high current. There are two main types – N channel and P channel. The N channel turns on when + voltage Is applied to the gate. The P channel turns on when ground Is applied to the gate. N channel Moslems switch a – signal on/off and P channel switch a + signal on/off.

Another big preference between a MOSSES and a bipolar transistor Is that you can’t control the current output of a MOSSES like you can a normal transistor. A normal transistor has a gain and the output is a function of the input. Say the gain is 50 and you put IA in too normal transistor you will get AAA out. A MOSSES is either on or off so to control current you typically use PAM (turn it on and off really quickly in a ratio that will determine total power output). Another characteristic of Moslems is their ability to turn on and off extremely quickly.

Where an electromagnetic relay turns on in 5-20 milliseconds a MOSSES will turn on in 1 microsecond. Integrated Circuits (ICC) are generally made up of pure silicon. This provides the base for the chip and Is “chemically doped” to provide the N and P regions which make up the components of the Integrated circuits. The purity level of the silicon must be so high that only one out of every ten billion atoms may be an Impurity. Silicon doodle has a duel purpose: it is both an insulator and a dielectric material in ICC capacitors.

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