-know the market.
-satisfy customers’ needs.
-inform potential customers
Marketers everywhere must
-price the products or services so they are acceptable
-inform potential customers
Marketers everywhere must
-marketing strategies must be developed by assessing potential markets and analyzing alternate marketing mixes.
– it is not possible to have a single, standardized worldwide strategy for the overall marketing mix.
– the uncontrollable environment forces vary widely among markets.
(all of A, B, and C)
The international marketing manager’s task is more complex than that of the domestic marketing manager because:
-There can be longer production runs, which lowers costs.
-A standardized corporate visual identity can help project a consistent image.
-The creative work needed for promotion doesn’t need to be done for each market
(All of A, B, and C)
Generally, management prefers global product standardization because
for cost savings.
Management would prefer global standardization of the marketing mix:
modify the present mix or develop a new one for overseas markets.
In spite of the advantages of global standardization, many firms find it necessary to:
– the central focus of the marketing mix.
-more than a physical object.
(2 of the above)
The product is
– is what the customer buys.
– includes the physical product and brand name.
– includes the package.
(all of B,C, and D)
The total product
– includes the accessories, and after sales service.
– includes after sales service.
– includes warranty and instructions for use

(all of B,C, and D)

The total product
-a total product
When formulating product strategies, international marketing managers must remember that they are selling:
. total, physical product, brand name
Much of the confusion in the ongoing discussion about whether a global firm can have global products results from the discussants not clarifying whether they are referring to the ____, ____ or ____.
Generally, consumer products require __________ adaptation than/as industrial products to meet the demands of the world market
. industrial products, high style and faddish consumer products.
The continuum from insensitive to sensitive to foreign environment begins with __________ and ends with __________
industrial products
According to the text, __________ are the most insensitive to the foreign environment.
Generally, __________ products require greater modification to meet local market requirements worldwide
dissimilarities among countries with respect to social and cultural values
Generally, as marketers go down the economic and social strata in each country, they will tend to find
the greater the product must be modified
In general, the deeper the desired immediate market penetration is
. consumer products
Services are generally less complex to market globally than
. consumer goods
Dissimilar cultural patterns generally necessitate changes in food and other __________
cultural differences
The need to change the color of packages when selling a product in a new market is generally a result of the influence of:
person registering it first
In a code law country, a brand name belongs to the
when it is registered by someone who hopes to profit by selling the name back to the originating firm.
According to the text, a brand name has been pirated
. promotion
All forms of communication between a firm and its publics are _________.
-marketing the same physical product everywhere.
-adapting the physical product for foreign markets.
-developing a different brand
Because promotion both influences and is influenced by the other marketing variables, it is possible to formulate promotional strategies by
) Honda’s “You meet the nicest people on a Honda” campaign appealed to Americans who used their motorcycles as pleasure vehicles, but in Brazil Honda stressed the use of the same motorcycles as basic transportation. This is an example of which promotional strategy?
-sales promotion.
The promotional mix includes
. personal selling.
The promotional mix includes
Of all the promotional mix elements, __________ is the one with the greatest similarities worldwide
For some groups, the Internet may be among the best media choices
According to the text, among the appealing factors of online advertising in the international sphere is the following
-The Internet provides access to an affluent, reachable audience.
– Internet communications can be interactive.
-The Internet can be particularly important for reaching teenagers
(All of A, B, and C)
) According to the text, among the appealing factors of online advertising in the international sphere is the following
-A high number of users of the Internet read English or other common languages well.
– Internet communications are two-way, rather than one-way like newspaper ads.
-. It is possible to tailor messages to the customer, based on answers to prior questions.
The attractions of using the Internet as an international advertising medium include
industrial products
Buyers of __________ usually act on the same motives worldwide.
-the product type.
– the target market
(two of A,B, and C)
Whether to position a product as foreign or local is a basic cultural decision for the marketer, and it seems to depend on:
. like the market for luxury goods
The experience of suppliers to the youth market indicates that this is an international market segment:
-plenty of illustrations with short copy
-. back translation
(two of A,B, and C)
To avoid translation errors, the experienced advertising manager will use:
. programmed-management approach
A middle ground between an ad campaign that is standardized worldwide and an entirely local ad campaign is called a:
-the type of product sold.
-media availability.
-availability of funds
The importance of personnel selling compared with advertising depends to a great extent on:
-. industrial products.
-. consumer products, especially in developing countries
(two of A,B and C)
According to the text, manufacturers of ____ rely more on personal selling than on advertising to communicate with their overseas markets.
. The Internet can be an effective tool in personal selling, when used to build trust.
Evidence suggests that
-of the stigma attached to selling that exists in some areas
-of the need to hire people who are culturally acceptable to customers and channel members.
(two of A, B and C)
According to the text, recruitment of salespeople in foreign countries is at times more difficult than recruiting them at home because:
. public relations
The various methods of communicating with the firm’s publics to secure a favorable impression is:
. international pricing
Setting prices of goods for export for both unrelated and related firms is known as:

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