Inside job

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Who is to blame for the events depicted in the film ? The global financial crisis of 2008 is one of the biggest tragedies in the history of United States. In light of what we have seen in the movie untitled Inside Job, we can notice that blame has been distributed to many. First, the rating agencies hold a huge responsibility in this crisis. They gave the AAA ratings to the risky derivatives. Their untruthful ratings have mislead the borrowers into believing that they were investing in something safe.

Another big cause of the economic crisis is the lenders giving out loans to anyone without check if the borrowers were able to pay back the money they had borrowed. The government deregulation, started by the Reagan administration and advocated by academic economists, should be blamed for this economic crisis too. They did not regulate the financial market and have allowed for the use of derivatives. It caused borrowers and lenders to have too much freedom.

Indeed, the government had the ability to start regulating these risky loans, called Supremes, and these rating agencies that were not even giving their real opinion. Instead, the government deregulated these risky loans and decided

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to let rating agencies give triple A ratings. The lack of regulation by the government, the carelessness of the lenders, and the greed that caused rating agencies to give false ratings brought the U. S. Economy to Its downfall In 2008 and that Is why they are to blame for It. This crisis was not an accident.. It was caused by an out-of-control Industry.

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