Inorganic Quiz 2

Metal Organic Material
Combo of organic and inorganic in single material. Unique problem solver.
Pharmaceutical Co Crystal
At least one co crystal former forms supramolecular synthon with an API.
Obtaining a patent
Novelty, not be obvious, utility, replication
Highly Permeable
absorption in humans is > 90% of dose based on mass-balance
Highly Soluble
highest dose strength is soluble in < 250 ml water over a pH range of 1 to 7.5.
Most widely consumed flavonoids. More soluble than the cocrystals.
active ingredient in chocolate. Purine rings with different members of methyls. Means food of gods. Like caffeine.
Coordination polymers
polymers where metal ions connect by bridging ligands.
Coordination bonds are
weaker and more
reversible than covalent bonds
ORGANIC molecule makes
only two connections
METAL makes three or more
Nanoscale cavity
Removes sulfur better than commercial
carbon deodorants (modified charcoal)
zeolite A, zeolite XY and rho-zeolite
used in gas
purification, water softening, drug
delivery and petroleum refining
MOMs are promising materials for H2 storage as some
of them exhibit fine tunable properties as
Extra-large surface area, Open metal sites, High stability
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