Inorganic Chemistry

What is the order of the visible light spectrum
Acronym for order?
People buy good yogurt often read.
What is the wavelength range for visible light?
400 to 750 nm
What type of magnetism do t-metals primarily exhude
Why might t-metals exhude a trend in one type of magnetism or another?
They have more orbitals to fill up and so statistically there are less paired electrons.
# of atoms from the ligand that are involved with the metal atom
burn spontaneously when exposed to air
sandwich conplex
a complex where the metal atom lies between ntwo pi bonded hydrocarbon ligands
a metal atom sandwhiched between two cyclopentadienyl anions.
Beer’s law
Absorption is dependent on the molar absorptivity of a substance of the pathlength of a substance of some concentration
LaPorte Selection rule
The change in quantum number l can only be plus or minus 1
Ligand to metal charge transfer
Metal to ligand Charge transfer
Ionization isomers
This involves the ligand being exchanged for the anion in the anionic ligand
Hydration Isomers
This is the same as an ionization isomer except with water being exchanged and no charge being transferred.
Coordination isomers
the difference between one coordination isomer and another is that ligands have been switched in some way.
Linkage isomers
the difference here is the atom through which a ligand is connected. Say SCN was connected to the metal atom via S. Well a linkage isomer of this complex would be one where instead it was connected through the N.
Delta oct
the difference between the HOMO LUMO in an octahedral complex
Low spin state
where as many of the electrons are paired in a complex as possible
High spin state
as little electron pairing as possible
Electron paramagnetic resonance
This is a technique for studying chemical species that have one or more unpaired electrons
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