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Why is it important to select relevant data? It is important to select relevant data, because it is important to insure the highest quality of information before being input. Relevant data: data that you need. 7) What two aspects need to be considered to select relevant data? The suitability and the reliability. Accurate and useable. ) What are the properties of usable data? To be usable data the properties which it needs is suitability, reliability, accuracy, timeliness and freedom from bias. Suitability: relevant to the data. Reliability: trusted source. E. G. Newspaper Accuracy: error free information Timeliness: accurate for the time, that it is needed. Freedom form bias: free from other peoples opinion. 9) How can entering an incorrect data type into a spreadsheet cause an error? 10) Why is it important to check the reliability of data? It is important to check because reliability of data because Incorrect data may cause inappropriate decisions to be made.

To make sure It Is more accurate e. G. From an accurate place. 1 1) What Is a common cause for data Inaccuracy? Data Inaccuracy Is caused by a person entering data, misreading what It says or having lasses in concentration. 12) How can the accuracy of a primary source be Are sources where which they provide original and uninterrupted data and information. Examples of primary sources would be speeches, debates, emails etc. Straight from the source, e. G. Weather, the weather machine is a primary source because it gets the weather for the bureau. 3) How can the accuracy of a secondary source be determined?

Are sources where the information has been processed, interpreted or analyzed in some way? Examples would be a textbook, magazine, website etc. E. G. TV for weather is a secondary source. 14) With an example, explain the importance of timeliness in ensuring the quality and usability of data. Timeliness is the way of how data must be in date for an example mortgage’s should not be taking out no more than a week old, because banks may have a new policy Just released, making it cheaper. 15) What influences the introduction of bias into data? Explain each of these.

Bias can easily creep into data and the make the information processed from it unreliable. Several influences can result in the introduction of bias into data: namely, vested interest, timing, and small sample size, bias through sorting and bias through graphic representations. 16) What are the characteristics of an audience that should be considered to ensure that relevant data is chosen? The age of the viewer gender special needs education level status 18) What is graphic representation? Graphic Representation are pictorial diagrams that show interdependencies between variables. E. Picture or graph the represent the data, for example height. 19) List seven different types of graphic representations. Column Charts Line Charts Pie Charts Bar Charts Area Charts Scatter Diagrams Bubble Diagrams 21) List five applications of spreadsheets. Conditional functions Lookup formulas Date and time formulas Financial, statistical and math formulas Counting Formulas 22) Describe the following elements of a typical spreadsheet: worksheet, cell, cell reference, and workbook. Worksheet – spreadsheets display data in a table form, with rows and columns cell – the intersection of columns and rows. Al reference – the location of cells or group of cells. Workbook – a workbook is a collection of worksheets stored as a file. 23) What is the purpose of a conditional formula? Expressions. 24) What is the purpose of a lookup formula? They return a value from a table (in range) by looking up another value. 25) What is the difference between a function and a formula? Functions are predefined formulas the perform calculations by using given values, called arguments, in a particular order or structure. 26) What is the advantage of sorting data? The data becomes more organized and becomes easier to search for. ) What is the advantage of filtering data? Only shows specific data that is relevant and hides rows that you do not want visible. 28) Provide an example of when a person may use one of the mathematical functions of a spreadsheet. When they want to keep track of how many kilometers they traveled for taxation services. 29) Provide an example of when a person may use one of the financial functions of a spreadsheet. When people want to organize the amount of stock and money intake at a business. 30) Provide an example of when a person may use one of the statistical functions of a spreadsheet.

When they want to now how many people want to change student’s uniform, 31) What are design elements? Design elements are factors that enhance the appearance and functionality of solutions. 33) What is the purpose of using a design tool? Are used to represent the functionality and appearance of solutions: normally, the solution is first sketched on paper. 34) Describe a layout diagram. Layout diagrams provide a visual depiction of how the final spreadsheet and any graphic representation should look. The designs indicate features such as difference in font size, color and positioning of objects.

The placement of objects must be leaned so that a balanced, visually appealing and clear effect is attained. 35) How is efficiency measured? By time, cost and the effort. 36) How is effectiveness measured? The effect it has on the data. 37) List three spreadsheet software functions that enable a user to efficiently and effectively manipulate data. =lookup() 38) Why is it important to use validation in a spreadsheet solution? Because validation checks the reliability of the data that is being processed in the spreadsheet. 39) What type of errors would range checking existence checking and data-type checking pick up?

Numbers entered into the formula is incorrect, due to unman error. 40) How can restricted data entry enhance the reliability of information in a spreadsheet? This prevents the user from entering incorrect data. 41) What is the difference between a format and a convention? Conventions – conventions are the normal ways of doing something. Formats – formats are ways in which data is presented e. G. Graphs. 42) List five conventions that are used in spreadsheet design. Cell Column Row Cell reference 43) List five conventions that are used in graphic representations. The title the amount of data y and x axis key to what it is about y and axis data

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