Information Technology Project Management Chapter 3

series of actions directed toward particular result
Project Management Process Groups
-initiating process
-planning process
-monitoring and controlling
describes HOW things should be done
describes WHAT should be done
Pre-initiation tasks
-determine time, scope, cost constraints
-identify project manager
-select project manager
-develop business case for project
-meet with project manager to review expectations
-include key project information
-stakeholder signatures
kick off meeting
-stakeholders can meet
-review goals of projects
-discuss future plans
Purpose of project planning
guide execution
Outputs in project
-team contract
-project scope statement
-work breakdown structure (WBS)
-project schedule gantt chart
-prioritized risks
Prioritized Risks
-lack of inputs from consultants
-lack of input from representatives
-security of new system
-promoting new system
Project monitoring and controlling
-measuring progress toward project objectives, monitoring deviation from plan, taking correction actions

-occurs during all phases of life cycle

-outputs: performance reports

Project Closing
-gain stakeholder and customer acceptance of final project
Project Closing Outputs
– project files
-lessons learned report
-final report
-final presentation
Agile team
-using a method based on incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration.

-uses many deliveries of software instead of waiting till end to provide one project

Types of teams compatible with agile
-less rigid constraints
-experienced co located teams
-smaller risks
-unclear requirements
-flexible scheduling
scrum roles: product owner
-person responsible for business value of project
scrum roles: scrumMaster
-person who ensures team is productive
scrum team
-cross functional team of 5-9 people who produce desired results for each sprint (2-4 weeks)
Scrum artifacts
– product backlog: list of features prioritized by business value created by product owner

-sprint backlog: most important things from product backlog that need to be completed in sprint; created by project team

-burndown chart: shows cumulative work remaining in sprint

sprint planning session
meeting with the team to select work from product backlog to deliver during sprint
daily scrum
-short meeting with dev team to share progress

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