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1 How do information engineerings contribute to the concern success of the companies depicted in the instance? Supply an illustration from each company explicating how the engineering implemented led to improved public presentation. IT digunakan dalam hal Bussiness Intelegence. Dalam perusahaan eCourier. mereka mempergunakannya untuk membaca tentang kepuasan pelanggan. Bahkan sampai digunakan untuk semacam peramalan.

Contoh. apabila suatu pelanggan biasa mengirimkan barang antara jam 9-10 pagi. apabila melebihi Dari jam tersebut. maka akan perusahaan Akan dikirimi peringatan. 2 In the instance of jurisprudence house Bryan Cave discussed above. the usage of BI engineering to better the handiness. entree. and presentation of bing information allowed them to supply tailored and advanced services to their clients. What other professions could profit from a similar usage of these engineerings. and how? Develop two different possibilities.

Tempat Jawaban 3 Cablecom developed a anticipation theoretical account to better place those clients at hazard of exchanging to other company in the close hereafter. In add-on to those noted in the instance. what other actions could be taken if that information were available? Give some illustrations of these. Would you see allowing some clients leave anyhow? Why? Tempat Jawaban Real World Activities 1 Use the Internet to research the latest offerings in concern intelligence engineerings and their utilizations by companies.

What differences can you happen with those reviewed in the instance? Fix a study to sum up your findings and highlight new and advanced utilizations of these engineerings. Tempat Jawaban 2 Why do some companies in a given industry. like eCourier above. adopt and deploy advanced engineerings while others in the same line of concern do non? Break into little groups with your schoolmates to discourse what features of companies could act upon their determination to introduce with the usage of information engineerings.

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