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Software Flaws: The software flaws would be concerned with more of the performance of the system. Bugs: The software bugs would compose a lot of loopholes where security factor may weaken due to greater functionalities of the software which makes it to track back the processes already undergone. Secure servers: Sometimes the server technologies are not secure enough to display websites which make it a more erroneous.

Antivirus software: A lot of antivirus software makes the website flawless; again expired antivirus software would make the website quite vulnerable to malicious programs.Firewalls: It helps in reducing security risks and also covers port to port. Information security: Information in the websites must be locked and should be kept secure so that no malicious or external harmful program is able to alter it to mislead or represent wrong information. Secure communication protocol: Using “https” would make sure that information exchanged would be safely done and managed well (Ghosh, 2001). Detecting and removing flaws: Regular flaw detection software must be employed so that they are corrected instantly.

Database handling: The security features can be handled by the database itself so that the data rules are strictly adhered to when working with the database in adding and deleting data. Implementing views: The database is able to create views for every group of user so that they are able to access data only to the extent of their privileges and not the entire data itself. Restricting the data at the user level makes it quite viable to secure the right kind of information and enforce data security and warehousing.Encryption: To make a website secure financial data and payment transactions, encryption must be properly implemented. Public key encryption: The transfer of secret information from one to another would make the transfer secure so that no other person is able to tap the message.

It includes algorithms which make sure that the information reaches to the intended recipient only (Rayport, 2003). Other techniques: The other techniques are quite useful in the use of internet security namely private-public key and RSA techniques. ConclusionShop-n-save has dared to dream big at the age where technology is evolving newer dimensions to efficiently capture business functions and manage the flow of information to enhance customer base in creating a virtual market place to cater to a large section of customers. The E-commerce business strategies which it could use are B2B and B2C rendering better management of product distribution and services to masses. Technologies can envelope almost all but efficient management of such systems needs to be done on periodic basis taking into consideration the feedbacks from the customers.

Security factors must be taken care so that appropriate action can be taken and its working ability would be more secure and feasible in the face of online threats.References/ BibliographyNapier (2003). Creating and Winning E-business, Vikas publications. Forouzan (2002). Data communication and networking, Second edition, Pearson Hall. Ghosh AK (2001).

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