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Therefore when dealing with data security SSL encryption must be used when trying to secure connections from unknown addresses, designed to facilitate secure communication and business transactions between two parties. The uses for SSL connections can be wide ranging, from file transfer protocol (FTP) connections which can be used for remote reporting of large amounts of data, to remote access or virtual private networks (VPN) which have to be setup for salesmen or consultants who are not at central locations, but who require access to network resources, they can be used to secure email traffic, and to encrypt database traffic.

The uses for SSL mean that it is a fundamentally important part of a network environment for today’s businesses who want to ensure they do business with trustworthy and honest groups. These uses of SSL are especially important when considering what would happen if it was not implemented. The various ways of communicating data, through web browsing, email, instant messaging and VOIP should be as secure as possible. The analogy of a telephone conversation is critical in understanding how important this technology really is.

If you call someone using a telephone, and you haven’t met them, how

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do you know it is really them, or that someone is not listening in to your conversation? If this technology was not available to network administrators then it would be impossible to guarantee who or what you are transmitting information to, or that someone else is not listening in on the conversation picking up all the critical information for use at a later date.

It would also be impossible to know whether someone was listening, or whether you were in fact speaking with the person you wanted. Such business functions such as ordering, accounting, production, delivery, payroll, development and sales are all conducted during the day to day operation of a business, and all require some kind of identity verification system. These operations all use sensitive information, financial data, personal records, company business information, that should not get into the wrong hands.

Therefore considering this, the implementation of a technology such as SSL, which minimizes the risk of the data being compromised, should be implemented where possible when trying to carry out business online, or using a public network to transmit information. Using secure protocols is the best way to facilitate secure transmission of data and imperative for any organization concerned with security. A protocol is a way of defining a set of rules, or guidelines for the operation of an interconnected network.

There are many different forms of communication protocols, which set standards for information management and automation. Every kind of protocol is a logical system which describes the format and structure of the information to be transmitted, along with the guidelines for exchanging this information between two or more computers, usually in a domain based environment, but which also works on the internetwork of computer we use daily known as the Web. The different layers in the construction of a network and how they relate to one another is a key part of the analysis to be carried out.

Studies show that there are benefits for an organization which adopts protocols which give “obvious benefits of protocol layering in terms of simplifying network design and management issues” (Whitt, 2004). The use of SSL as a secure layer on top of standard communication protocols has become more efficient and more widespread during the last few years, partially because of the increase in security threats to data, but partly due to the expansion of financial operations of the banks, and the monetizing of the internet with people buying, selling, working and playing there.

SSL works very well and has become the industry standard because it provides an easy and effective way to secure data over a public network, using high level encryption which is firstly verified and overseen by a third party, and secondly brings an extra level of customer confidence on its service. It uses the concept of trust which is critical, because of the way the two parties both trust the intermediary to be honest. This equilibrium means that neither party has any more information about the other than the other, and doesn’t need to expend time, money or effort in trying to validate every single connection that the network receives.

This would be an extraordinary task at the best of times, so to have a variety of web certificate services which do all the hard work is invaluable when dealing with an online transmission of data. Considering the variety of transactions which are protected by SSL, it is possible to see why this technology has taken off with the increase in business transactions across the internet. SSL can be used to encrypt credit card transactions for purchases, as well as to secure user login information for websites or online applications.

It can be used to secure remote access to email and to network resources, as well as to secure traffic across any network. The technology can also be used to setup a VPN, which is essentially a virtual connection to a physical network, by way of tunneling through the internet using SSL, to make a remote computer act as if it was part of the physical network in a remote location. This is very useful when dealing with businesses whose employees are based in remote locations and need efficient and easy access to network resources or client network infrastructure for support purposes.

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