Information and communication technology

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The uses of I. C. T in the health services is that you can input the patients personals records or other information about the patient into a database and save to the hard drive also it speeds up sending appointment because you can use that database to create mail merge letters so that you don’t have to write or type the particular information onto the letter personally. Also you can link up to other health service on a database server so if a patient moves town or changes to a different doctor or dentist they can view there information on the server.

The health services can use I. C. T to change the temperature if it get to hot by monitoring the surroundings so if it get to hot the computer system will turn on the air conditioning this is good to keep a room at a certain temperature. Also health services can use a spreadsheet to work out the nutritional value of the food they provide so a hospital can use this to ensure that someone gets a healthy nutritional meal. The similarity to my dental website and other commercial dental websites is that there are hyperlinks, forms that patients can

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fill out; there is a page on the cost of certain treatments.

The differences between my dental website and commercial dental websites is that the commercial websites look much more professional also the time to make it they had a whole weeks while I only had a couple of hours to make it and improve. The biggest is the cost of creating while I created they paid professional to make the website so there cost a lot more to create than mine while I wasted my time creating mine they paid professional to create it

The changes that have occurred in the introduction of I. C. T in the health industry is that you can retrieve information quickly because it is all stored in databases and you don’t have to go through a filling cabinet to look for the information but they still use filling cabinets but mostly a database and also most health services are linked together there are laws in place to keep the information in a database co0nfidential and this is the data protection act of 1998.

Also when writing a letter you don’t have to write it out because you can type the letter and save it to a computers hard drive and then you can use a database and add specific text to the letter such as an address and the name of the patient this is called mail merge. Also you can use spreadsheets to create financial forecasts so that you will have a idea on how much money you will have to pay the next year on the money needed to spend in the following year.

Also they use scanners which are more efficient and give a clearer picture of the body so this makes them able to give better diagnoses and the health services can email each other instead of writing a letter for a faster response also if you are at different hospitals you can keep in touch through e-mails.

Jobs have changed in the health service because you can now create databases with peoples information in so you wont need a filling cabinet also you can use the database to create a mail merge which allows you too use the information in the database in a letter such as the address instead of typing in individual addresses all you have to do click a button and it goes to the second person in the database and so on.

Doctors and dentist have to learn ways to interpret data from MRI scans and other new medical technology so that they can treat the patient with the best solution faster since these systems are created to speed up and make diagnoses more accurate. All these new technology will need the people using them to be trained to use them so that the patients get the best treatment possible.

The issues with training are that training staff can be expensive since you have to pay for the training and you have to pay for temporary replacement also the staff may not want to be trained in I. C. T because they prefer the manual methods or the may not have time to be trained since they might have another job that they must go and work at also I think training at the job is good because you will also get paid and it wont go into your personal time where you take a break from the job.

I believe that the changes that have been made in the health service are better than they are before because of the new technology it has made detecting illness faster, safer and more accurate so people can be treated faster so it will save more lives also it has helped improve treatment because you get the medicine to the patient faster so you save more lives also because of the communication between staff and patients have improved because of the improved technology they will be able to save the patient and the patient will be grateful also because of the better financial forecasting a hospital can see what they can spend money on such as new equipment but the existing staffs morale may have gone down because they will have a hard time learning how to use the equipment but the staffs morale would have gone down since they might have to spend there time off to learn how to use new technology.

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