Infographic: How To Focus At Work In The Age Of Distractions

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Started a task hours ago and still nowhere close to completion? You’re not the only one, as in today’s digital world, distractions surround us at our workplace.

The U.K.-based Financial Services company has released an infographic that depicts the cost of such interrupted work, ways to manage distractions, and ways to go about a “digital detox.” Interestingly, the study says that while it takes an average 11 minutes for people to get distracted from a task, a good 25 minutes are consumed in focusing on the task even after getting back to it.

What’s also alarming is the infographic’s claim that technological distractions reduce the average IQ by 10 points. The solutions offered to improve productivity and tackle work interruptions include better working in “focused bursts” of time, organizing emails better, among other measures. For more insights on this, check out the following infographic.

Image credit: OnStride Financial.


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