Info Tech

Metropolitan Area Network
which connects users and their computers in a geographical area that spans a campus or city
Wide Area Network
A wide area network that connects large geographic regions.
Personal Area Network
supports the interconnection of info tech within a range of 33 feet
Local Area Network
connect computer systems and devices within a small area like an office or a home.
Cloud Computing
a computing environment where software and storage are provided as an internet service and accessed with a web browser
a hyperlink based system that uses the client server model, that organizes internet resources thru out the world into a series of linked files, called pages, which are accessed and viewed using web client software called a web browser.
Web Browser
a web client software such as internet explorer, used to browse the web
the worlds largest computer network consisting of thousands of interconnected networks all freely exchanging information.
uses internet technology and the WWW standards to develop isolated or partially isolated internal network, like networking mobile sales forces.
extends selected resources of an intranet out to a group of its customers, suppliers, or other business partners.
Electronic Commerce
the conducting of business activities like distribution, buying, selling, marketing, and servicing of products and services, electronically over computer networks.
Business to Business
all participants are organizations
business to consumer
organizations sell products directly to customers
Consumer to consumer
involves electronic transactions between consumers using a third party to facilitate like ebay
Government to Business
simplifies that sharing of information, speeds up formerly based paper processes
Government to Citizen
to submit their state and federal tax returns online
Four Key elements to Tech Infrastructure for E commerce
Web server based hardware, server operating system, server software, and e commerce software
Financial Accounting
consists of capturing and recording all the transactions that affect a companies financial state and then using these documented transactions to prepare financial statements to external decision makers
Managerial Accounting
uses both historical and estimated data in providing information that management uses in conducting daily operations, in planning future operations and in developing business strategies
Three Functions provided by Financial MIS
integrating financial information from multiple sources (including the internet), into a single system. Provides easy access to data for both financial and nonfinancial users. Lastly, it makes financial data immediately available to shorten analysis turn around time.
A DSS is an organized collection of people, procedures, software, databases, and devices used to help make decisions that solve problems. It provides rapid access to information, handles large amounts of data from different sources, and provides report and presentation flexibility.
Other MIS systems
is a marketing MIS, which supports managerial activities in product development, distribution, pricing decisions, promotional effectiveness, and sales forecasting. Human Resource MIS, which is concerned with activities related to previous, current, and potential employees of an organization. An Accounting MIS provides aggregate information on accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and others.
is a software application that consists of most of the elements in a DSS, plus software to provide effective support in group decision making settings.
Difference of DSS and GSS
The differences are that DSS only focuses on a single decision maker, while GSS focuses on the group, and the ability to manage multiple lines of reasoning and organize responses.
Model DSS vs Data DSS
A model drive DSS primarily performs mathematical or quantitative analysis, where as data driven DSS performs qualitative analysis based on the companys databases.
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