Influence of the Internet on Teenagers and Young Adults

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In this essay, the discussion how the internet affects teenagers and young adults is divided into three oints; These points are the influence on young people’s education, then how is internet used for entertainment, finally the communication on internet. Firstly, let’s discuss how young people study with internet. Surfing the internet is a convenient way to get information. Most of schools and education services have their own website where they put information and sometimes communicate with students.

Chan & Fang Use of the Internet HK which Is a research of young people In Hong Kong shows that Internet Is used for Information search (98 percent) and homework 96 percent). Students can submit work digitally and receive feedback from teachers and check their homework by the information which is found online wherever they can surf the Internet, Which improve the efficiency of studying and students don’t need to wait many time for result.

E-Learning’s Valerie Thompson said “Technology can underpin learning by making it more relevant and personalised, it can also help children with special educational needs, particularly those who struggle to cope in a normal, classroom, helping them learn and complete work at their own pace. Technology can allow a school to deliver an education to a child wherever they are, not Just in a classroom. ” Except the convenience, there are some problem In digital studying.

Nowadays anyone can put their Information on Internet, which makes almost anything can be found online. That also means some Information on Internet are not true and not suitable for teenagers to know, so students need to learn how to find correct and useful information. The easy way to find answer sometimes will make students lack of thinking. If students can use and find digital information by the right way, they will ain a lot. Secondly, Internet affect young people’s life of entertainment. Internet is frequently used for music and fun by young people.

The information of Chan & Fang shows they spent more time surfing the internet at home than watching television and listening radio. Some newspapers and magazines put their articles on their websites. People can sometimes read news and see films for free. Many young people especially boys play and download online games. Most of the online game contain violent contents which attract more boys than girls. Females research Information of travelling and ashion trend online more frequently than males.

It’s Is Incontestable that nowadays internet is a extremely popular media for young people’s entertainment. instant messaging, and chat room are common ways to communicate. This influence for young people is different. It’s not frequently for girls to make friends on Internet, because there some news about girls being raped by online friends which makes people feel that internet is not a safe way for extending network. Communication tools of internet are also not common way for Low-income children to use. In the eport about low-income children which wrote by Linda A.

Jackson, she said that less than 20 % of the respondent were sending e-mail or participating in chat, and only 25% were instant messaging. One reason is that Poor people do not typically have home Internet access (U. S. Department of Commerce,1995, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002). People prefer connect friends and other people who they know online to make new friends online. Online communication is a convenient way for young people to keep in touch with friends and family wherever they are, much cheaper than elephone.

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