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Infectious diseases is a growing concern for the American populace especially after the World Trade Center incident wherein there were reports that anthrax was being sent through mail and release through the air in public places. The most fearsome thing about infectious diseases is that they remain clothed in mystery, yet they are easily transmitted and there are new strains developing every year. The strains of infectious diseases today are not the same as twenty years ago and research cannot cope up with most of the newly discovered diseases.

One of the factors that contribute largely to the spread of infectious diseases is the emergence of new strains of viruses or bacteria, coupled with the changes in human ecology and behavior (Roizman, 1995). These factors also contribute to the difficulty of treating the same. The urgency of treating infectious diseases cannot be overemphasized. As time goes by, more and more people are getting infected with these diseases that sometimes turn fatal.

In order to combat infectious diseases, it is vital that we know where they are most likely transmitted, and on that ground make necessary steps to control it. Since infectious diseases thrive in places where sanitation is terrible and living conditions are not acceptable, the most viable place for the spread of infectious diseases are the federal penitentiaries. To prevent the spread of infectious diseases from the inmates to the greater population after they are released, penal institutions are trying to educate inmates.

It is believed that “Education of inmates continues to be one of the major components of promoting and protecting the health of incarcerated populations. ” (CSC) The same solution applies to the whole population. So far, education seems to be the best method to combat infectious diseases. Another way to view infectious diseases is as a global threat. This is not a new development and several works are already on their way where countries are cooperating to find cures for varying diseases.

The global response against communicable diseases is only fitting since unlike criminals or laws, diseases are not bound geographically and entrance of it through boundaries cannot be monitored.

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