Infection Control Essay

This is a brooding assignment that will reflect upon a scenario that took topographic point during the clinical arrangement of a pupil nurse in theaters. The assignment will concentrate on MRSA protocols in theaters. why it is of import and how the usage of contemplation aids in the uninterrupted professional development of a pupil nurse. Throughout the assignment the writer will utilize the Rolfe brooding model ( 2001. cited in Jasper. 2003 ) to research what happened through out the scenario utilizing the three phases of what. so what and now what. Contemplation is a utile tool which wellness attention professionals use to better their accomplishments and progress their hereafter pattern by revisiting scenarios that occurred and researching why something happened. whether it could be improved in any manner or to acknowledge good pattern ( Jasper & A ; Rosser. 2013 ) ;

In conformity to The Code ( NMC. 2008 ) which dictates that all patient information should be kept confidential. and the Data protection Act ( 1998 ) which besides governs that patient information should be kept secure and released to merely those necessary or to who the patient portions it with ; All patient inside informations will be unbroken private and the patient is referred to merely as the patient.

During a surgical process in theatre the MRSA protocol was being followed. However during the process a Doctor left the theater and so tried to re come in the readying room. the “clean” circulating nurse did non let this and informed the physician to alter gowns and wash their places directly off. A full description of the scenario is attached as Appendix 1. The nurse was seeking to minimise hazard of cross infection as vesture and footwear could be contaminated by surfaces ( Kumar. Saunders & A ; Watson. 2000 ) . The pupil nurse demands to hold a good apprehension of MRSA. protocols and research and grounds based attacks to present safe and appropriate attention whilst minimising hazard of cross infection.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ( MRSA ) is a bacteria that is immune to a figure of antibiotics that treat infection including methicillin. There are different strains of Staphylococcus aureus doing it harder or easier to handle. MRSA can populate in the anterior nariss or on tegument and is easy transferred from individual to individual or surface by contact. it can besides be dispersed by tegument atoms through the air ( McNeil. Mody & A ; Bradley. 2002 ) . polluting beds and surfaces ( Kumar. Saunders & A ; Watson. 2000 ) and can stay active for longer than 6 months ( Wagenvoort. Sluijsmans & A ; Penders. 2000 ) . This is why manus hygiene and environmental cleanliness is so of import ( Crowcroft. 1996 ) . The bacteria can come in the blood stream through little cuts or a lesion ; Depending on individuals’ immune system people can contend off lower strains of MRSA with minimum infection symptoms such as hurting. temperature. giddiness etc. However people with lowered immune systems i. e. people in infirmary with bing wellness ailments or infections can be harder to handle ( Dougherty & A ; Lister. 2004 ) . MRSA is a deadly pathogen and when it doesn’t respond to intervention can do sepsis. urinary piece of land infections. endocarditis. pneumonia. infected arthritis. osteomyelitis and can even ensue in decease ( Weigeit. 2007 ) .

During theatre processs the same beginning isolation nursing that is used on the wards is used in theaters nursing that is used on the wards ( NHS. 2012 ) . St George’s Hospital ( NHS St Georges Trust. 2012 ) theater policy lineations during theater and recovery staff Numberss should be kept to a lower limit. all unneeded equipment should be removed from theater. staff should have on protective vesture and a fictile gown. after the process all equipment and surfaces should be cleaned and patients should be nursed utilizing beginning isolation patterns. ( Dougherty & A ; Lister. 2004 ) Source isolation aims to maintain the beginning of infection from distributing anyplace by agencies of manus rinsing. rinsing. protective vesture and incineration of all disposable waste in a controlled manor. The National Institute for clinical excellence besides highlighted the importance of beginning isolation sing MRSA discoursing its negative impacts on wellness runing from uncomfortableness to serious disablement or decease. ( NICE. 2011 ) in 2009/10 the NHS dealt with about 1900 blood stream infections. each infection cost the NHS around ?7000. The purpose in following guidelines is to protect patients. protect staff and to protect the environment for the following patient who will come in the theater holding an operation ( Dougherty & A ; Lister. 2004 ) .

Thankss to grounds based clinical pattern and improved manus hygiene MRSA blood stream infection rates have dropped by 41 % in the NHS across England since 2009 and a farther 29 % in 2012/2013 ( Department of Health. 2012 )

From this event the pupil was able to reflect on research and grounds based attacks specifically in respects to MRSA and derive a more in-depth apprehension of MRSA. Reading about bacteria and waies of transmittal helped the pupil nurse have a better apprehension of infection control steps and their importance.

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